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26 May - 01 June , 2012


KU – Dismal State Of Classrooms
One would expect Pakistan's third-largest university, with a student population of about 24,000 to be in a better condition than it is today. However, the dismal state of classrooms of Karachi University suggest otherwise, with most of the classrooms sporting broken doors, broken chairs and broken window-panes. Although, the teaching standards are definitely at par with other private universities, one expects the third-largest state-owned university to be in a better state than this. It is the job of the administration to use the allocated funds for the renovation of the departments but has so far failed to do so. I request the provincial government to try and improve the state of Karachi's biggest university.
Sidra Baig,

Railways In Ruin
Little Acts Of Kindness
Every year a large number of birds die due to dehydration in summer. Like humans, birds also need water everyday, throughout the year. We can make a small contribution to nature by a simple act of kindness such as putting up water bowls. It is my request to people to put up water bowls on their roofs, windowpanes, balconies, in parks – anywhere. It is preferable to use earthen pots for this purpose. They don't tilt and are less likely to be stolen. Soon these water bowls will attract thirsty birds of different species and by providing a little water, we can save many birds from perishing in the scorching heat. We should always remember that no act of kindness is ever wasted.
Shahid Shafaat,

Everyone knows that smoking causes life-threatening diseases like cancer, yet people do not quit smoking. Try to stop anyone from smoking, you find them pointing out people who had never smoked one cigarette all their lives and still died young. The reason why most people cannot quit is of course the addiction to nicotine. Mostly, people get into the habit due to peer pressure, and continue for the rest of their lives. Statistics show that nine out of ten smokers start smoking before they are 18 years of age. The government should play its part by effectively highlighting the harmful effects of this health menace.
Haseeb Hasan,

Promoting Reading Habits In Children
Our hectic lifestyles have put the habit of reading into oblivion. Even in our conversations, we rarely talk about reading and writing. Same is the case with children hence, most children today would spend hours staring at the computer screen or television rather than spending time with a book. The fault lies with parents, who fail their primary duty of generating interest in reading in their children. Reading clubs and library sessions play a crucial role in promoting reading habits. In order to instill this habit, schools and colleges should also play their part by conducting quiz competitions, debates and tutorial periods on a regular basis. Reading is one of the true pleasures of everyday life, therefore parents should reinforce this healthy activity in their children.
Farah Hussain,

Traffic Mess
A look at the haphazard traffic on the roads, particularly in the metropolis, shows that traffic rules are not being observed in Pakistan. We see smoke emitting from motorcycles, rickshaws and other vehicles highlighting the fact that our government lacks will in controlling this menace. Consequently, such dangerously smoke-emitting vehicles play with the health and lives of innocent people. The traffic police seems helpless as they hardly check vehicles and motorcycles that emit exhaust fumes. Besides, drivers also break traffic rules with impunity. As a result of this lawlessness, road accidents are common. I would urge the authorities concerned to enforce traffic rules and to maintain discipline on the roads.
Shaista Baig,

Pak-India Visa Facility
It has been a matter of great pleasure for us that interior ministers of Pakistan and India are scheduled to hold a meeting toward the end of May in Islamabad. The meeting would discuss recommendations put forward by both sides to facilitate people, especially senior citizens, to visit each other's country. In this regard, the visa policy has been relaxed to enable citizens of both countries to travel without any hassle and an agreement is expected to be signed by the relevant ministers at this meeting. We do hope that both the ministers will think about the hurdles being faced by the common man in this regard. I am hopeful that Pakistan and India will be reasonable enough to issue free and independent visas.
Shahbaz Ali,


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