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26 May - 01 June , 2012

"I Am No Brand Enthusiast"
Anushka Sharma
Her style might not be in your face because Anushka Sharma believes in keeping it casual and simple. That she can transform into a glam doll whenever required just proves that she's a fashionista with a difference. The fact remains that Anushka is B-town's hottest singleton. She claims she's never had a Anushka Sharma fashion faux pas since she was eight when her mother dressed her up as a maid on stage.

What affects you more, a vicious gossip item or a nasty fashion story?
There are certain principles I feel strongly about and those are often contradicted by the press or by people in general. People have called me anorexic; have got me married and what not. I've realised people can say and write anything in this industry.

So do you think you are fashionable?
Fashionable? Who me? For me fashion and style are two different things. I don't follow fashion, I don't understand fashion. Fashion to me is general and style personal. I never know what kind of collars, pants or shoes are in fashion. I guess, I'm more stylish and my style is an extension of my personality.
Who according to you is the most fashionable guy in the industry?
Arjun Rampal. It's his personality, not what he wears. I don't judge people by what they wear. Whatever Arjun wears, he makes it his. I also love the way Shah Rukh Khan styles himself. I love his V-neck t-shirts with buttons. When guys try too hard to dress it's a big put off. I also love Ranveer Singh's style. It's very hip-the way be wears those bomber jackets or whatever he calls them.

And among the girls?
Vidya Balan is stylish. She knows who she is and she will wear clothes that suit her. Over the years, I've admired Preity Zinta's style. Like me, she doesn't follow fashion and wears what she thinks looks good on her.

What kind of shopper are you?
I know exactly what looks good on me. I am someone who boys would love to go shopping with. My brother, father and guy friends have no problem shopping with me. I walk into a store and don't take more than 10 minutes to decide what I want. I know my size; I know the kind of fit I want. Before you know it, I've picked up a few clothes and I'm out of there. I hate going to the trial room because it's a waste of time and energy. I'm the quickest shopper around.

What's been your most expensive buy clothes-wise?
I don't buy expensive clothes. Honestly, I'm not a designer or a brand person. My middle class thinking cannot accept why something is priced so high in the big stores. A while back I bought an expensive bag. It didn't thrill me at all. I am happy carrying my jhola around.

So you aren't brand conscious?
You won't believe it but when my mother goes to Delhi I still tell her, 'Please mere liye kurta-shurta utha laana'. And she picks them up, so many of my kurtas are from there. They are so comfortable. I keep asking my managers where they have picked up their shoes or tops. They tell me about quaint little places and I go and pick up stuff from there. For me that's much more exciting than going to huge stores.


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