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27 June-03 July, 2015
Quote Of The Week

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”
– Winston Churchill

Taxation system
Every year, the incumbent government announces the budget amidst much criticism over how the economy is performing. But one thing always remains a constant, the issue of widening the tax net. The government seems utterly incapable of enforcing a uniform taxation system. Instead it continues to milk the existing tax payers. This seems like a polished way of hiding their incompetency, because instead of doing something substantial, the measures being taken appear to be makeshift arrangements that won’t yield fruit in the long run.
Tahir Zaidi,

Water crisis in Karachi
The water shortage in Karachi has increased manifolds as compared to the previous years. While areas far down the south have always faced this kind of crisis due to leakages and theft, even areas around the central pump seem to be deprived of water. This is primarily the reason why the tanker business is thriving, and it appears that officials in these government institutions are complicit in this scarcity. In fact some quarters have even gone on to accuse KWSB of creating this water scarcity deliberately to benefit the tanker mafia. The Sindh government seems silent on the matter and politicians elected from Karachi no longer care about the mandate they are given. As a citizen of Karachi, I am now losing hope and faith in such institutions.
Bashir Ali Khan,

Price control in Ramadan
The holy of month of Ramadan has arrived, and though it is a month of blessings and spiritual reflection, commercial activities in the country are in full swing. Profiteering in almost every large and small business is the practice and the public suffers the ordeal every year. The government’s activism in price control is only limited to a few regions in the major cities, which is portrayed in media along the lines of corporate social responsibility instead of a task that must be dealt with by the government itself. This Ramadan might not be any different too, and I hope that the public curtails excessive expenditures so that businesses are prevented from excessive profiteering.
Rubab Ahmed,

Good job MAG
I have been an ardent reader of MAG since the last 15 years, and over this time, your magazine has evolved with changing trends and technology. While fashion content is up to date, its commendable that your esteemed magazine is also interviewing television personalities, young new talent as well as and veterans who have been associated with the entertainment business since decades. Features are also a regular section, and I hope to see more quality articles on arts and entertainment in the near future.
Samina Pervaiz,

The plight of Rohingya Muslims
Pakistan has decided to raise the issue of Rohingya Muslims at United Nations and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) so that collective measures could be taken to thoroughly address this perennial issue. More than a Muslim lineage, this crisis entails humanitarian importance so the international community, which has been oblivious of the miseries of the Rohingyas, must act now or else it may lead to a greater tragedy. The UN should hurriedly act to save and secure the people being deserted in the open sea. The OIC must promptly see the element of victimisation behind this crisis and should devise an ownership strategy to duly patronise the Rohingyas to earn them a respectable status and their legitimate rights.
Afia Malik,


Ahmed Qureshi
Loved Sumbul Iqbal’s interview…. she’s such a sweetheart!

Yusra Ahsan Wow MAG… Yasir Hussain, Ali Kazmi and Shehzad Sheikh… thanks for letting us know more about our favourite stars!

Behjat Soomro
Lots to read these days… gr8 articles on art and fashion. Pls also cover events in Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas… thnx

Prince Adil Thank u MAG fr local desi fiction… im liking ur short stories.. plz print thriller or suspense fiction too.

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