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28 Apr - 04 May , 2012

Eyeliner Flicks
Smooth lines winged out and up towards your brow are a hot look right now. But how do you Eyeliner Flicksavoid a wonky finish? We tell you how to line your eyes like a pro!

Take Your Position
This requires a steady hand, so rest your elbow on the table and your palm on your cheek. Gently stretch and hold your eyelid closed with one finger to iron out any creases.

Use Small Strokes
The easiest application is with one of the new felt-tip liners. Hold it at an angle, pointing downwards, and start the line just before the inner corner of the eye. Use short, feathery strokes along the lash line towards the outer corner. Work the liner in between the roots of the lashes – that not only makes them look thicker, but also ensures you don't leave a strip of skin visible between the lashes and liner. Then look straight ahead into a mirror and line the inside rim of the lid in the inner corner of your eye.

Soften Up
For a less graphic look, use a cream or gel liner. Dip one side of the brush into the pot and use the back of your hand to work the liner into the brush so that it is evenly coated, then draw the line with the thin tip of the brush.

Flick It Out
Brush out where the lower lash line meets the outer corner of the eye. Thicken this line with small strokes from above, filling in what looks like a triangle in the corner of your eye. Keep each eye closed for a couple of minutes until the liner is dry then check that both lines are equal. Finally, wiggle your mascara wand at the base of your lashes to create a really wide awake look.

As the temperature soars, your hair becomes a snarl of split ends and humidity-induced frizz. Here is the ultimate hair solution for you

Hair is porous, so your cuticles suck up every bit of moisture they get. During the hot months, when humidity hits the roof, cuticles absorb moisture and expand. This causes hair to frizz up. The scorching summer sun combined with heat styling procedures like blow-drying or straightening can result in frayed and brittle ends. An easy way to tame your mane is by using a hydrating, nourishing shampoo and conditioner. Refrain from excessive-styling with blow-dryers, curling irons or flat-irons, as too much heat damages the cuticle and leads to more frizz. It's important to use scarves or umbrellas each time you Tangledstep out, to protect your hair from damage. Tie long hair back gently while travelling to minimise breakage.

Show Some Love
Hair-care or pampering needn't always be an expensive salon affair. Here are a few tricks to help turn your grooming routine into a full-blown pampering session.

Hot Oil Massage
Start your home hair spa with a deep oil massage to the scalp and hair, using oil enriched with different herbs and natural ingredients. Warm a little coconut oil slightly and add a few curry leaves, hibiscus and jasmine flowers. Decant it and massage deeply for about 20 minutes.

Deep-conditioning Hair Pack
Step two is a heavy-duty conditioning mask. You can either go for readily available protein/wax hair masks, or whip up natural pack with a mix of egg whites and natural products like hibiscus and aloe vera.

Get The Hot Towel
After the pack has worked its magic on your hair for 20 minutes, wrap your hair with a steamed hot towel. This will make sure that your hair and scalp absorb all the proteins and nutrients from the pack.

Wash Up
Rinse with a deep cleansing clarifying shampoo and conditioner.

Post-wash Conditioning
The final step involves applying a serum or leave-in conditioner for shine. It's best to let the hair dry naturally. If you're stepping out, blow-dry to a sleek, desired finish.

A Handy Guide To Healthy Hair
* Include egg whites, sprouts and fish to get protein power, and walnuts and flax seeds in your diet for the much required dose of omega-3 fatty acids.

* Minimise heat-induced styling and chemical treatments on hair.
* Understand your hair type before you buy products, and oil, and condition regularly.
* Routinely use shampoos and serums which repair damage.
* Prepare for damages caused by weather and water changes.
* Always cover your hair while
going out.

Spring /Summer Hair Trends
Don't step out of the house this season without teasing your locks into one of these key styles
Spring /Summer Hair Trends
Loose waves with a middle parting, is on trend. The effortless curls are easy to achieve:

Step 1: Centre part hair and apply curl defining cream. Blow-dry with a round brush to create volume.
Step 2: Section your hair and curl from mid-length to ends with a curling iron.
Spring /Summer Hair TrendsStep 3: Add shine with a spray-on.

Wear braids on the side or swept across, it's up to you. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Add texture with a volume enhancing spray. Spray it on the roots for height and blow-dry.
Step 2: Create messy buns with your hair; secure with pins and leave a small section at the front. Spray with a shine spray.
Step 3: Split a section from the side into three plaits. Take smaller sections from across the hairline as you go along the front to create a French braid. Spring /Summer Hair TrendsApply a finishing spray to complete the look.

Go for a full-volume beehive look. How to get it:

Step 1: Ideally, work with unwashed hair. If greasy, use a dry shampoo. To create volume, spritz the roots with a volume spray.
Step 2: Pull into a side parting, lift the crown and backcomb.
Step 3: Set the style with a volume thickening hairspray. Pull hair back Spring /Summer Hair Trends(leaving front loose) for desired shape. Twist back and fix with hair grips.

Big Hair
Huge hair is hot right now. We tell you how to copy the look:

Step 1: Wash hair with a full volume shampoo and conditioner. Towel dry then apply mousse, making sure that you concentrate the application on the roots.
Step 2: With a round brush, section your hair into a bun on top. Blow-dry and wind at the ends. Add heat then a cold blast to set hair.
Step 3: Set hair with a firm-hold spray.

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