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28 Jan - 03 Feb , 2012
A Flash Flood of ColourJUKEBOX
A Flash Flood of Colour
Enter Shikari
A look over the news headlines since Enter Shikari released their debut album, 2007's Take to the Skies, is to see a world that seems to be in freefall. Virtual economic meltdown, the crisis in the Eurozone, ongoing Orwellian overseas conflicts, riots in England's major cities, endless austerity programmes the end date of which stretch years into the distance. Take your pick. What is surprising about the music made by British rock bands during this period is how few of them find room on their lyric sheets to sing about what is happening on the streets around them. Enter Shikari should be given credit for attempting to take the temperature of troubled times and framing this in musical form. In many ways A Flash Flood of Colour stands as a companion piece to Punk & Poetry. To accompany this roused rabble is music that remains inventive in a way that deserves more credit than its creators seem to receive. From the mad mash of Arguing With Thermometers to the more reflective Constellations, the group's melding together of dance music, metal riffs, punk energy and vocals that sound English rather than Californian make A Flash Flood of Colour is not only a compelling effort, but an appropriately named one to boot.

On The Shelf
Our pick of the NOT-TO-BE-MISSED books
Night Road

Night Road
by Kristin Hannah
For eighteen years, Jude Farraday has put her children's needs above her own, and it shows – her twins, Mia and Zach – are bright and happy teenagers. When Lexi Baill moves into their small, close knit community, no one is more welcoming than Jude. Lexi, a former foster child with a dark past, quickly becomes Mia's best friend. Then Zach falls in love with Lexi and the three become inseparable. Jude does everything to keep her kids on track for college and out of harm's way. It has always been easy – until senior year of high school. Suddenly she is at a loss. Nothing feels safe anymore; every time her kids leave the house, she worries about them. On a hot summer's night her worst fears come true. One decision will change the course of their lives. In the blink of an eye, the Farraday family will be torn apart and Lexi will lose everything. In the years that follow, each must face the consequences and find a way to forget…or the courage to forgive. Vivid, universal, and emotionally complex, Night Road raises profound questions about The Dispatchermotherhood, identity, love, and forgiveness.

The Dispatcher
by Ryan David Jahn
From the author of the award-winning debut crime novel Good Neighbors, The Dispatcher is a white-knuckle thriller about the lengths a man will go to for his daughter. The phone rings and he finds out his daughter has been dead for four months. So begins East Texas police dispatcher Ian Hunt's fight to get his daughter back. The call is cut off by the man who snatched her from her bedroom seven years ago, and a basic description of the kidnapper is all Ian has to go on. What follows is a bullet-strewn cross-country chase from Texas to California along Interstate 10- a wild ride in a 1965 Mustang that passes through the outlaw territory of No Country for Old Men and is shot through with moments of macabre violence that call to mind the novels of Thomas Harris.

Dustforce PC
You play as one of four cleaners, using their ninja-like agility to pounce around the environment and save it from dirt and grime. You live to do two things: maintain your combo score by constantly cleaning and avoiding damage, as well as getting through the levels as fast as possible. Earning a coveted S rating for both Completion and Finesse is the only way to open the many locked stages, so if you want to play more than the first few levels of any area, failure isn't really an option. Dustforce demands perfection. The keyboard controls just don't allow the same fluidity of motion as an analogue stick. With the exception of the occasional straight-forward level, the key to cleaning like a pro comes down to figuring out the best route. Levels often offer multiple paths, so deciding when to use your charged up ultra attack (which clears an area immediately), or what's the best way to circle through the environment in a whirlwind of feather dusters or brooms, is paramount.

MAG's Trilogy Pick of the Week
Arlington Road (1999)Arlington Road (1999)
Widowed when his FBI agent wife is killed in an anti-terrorist operation gone wrong, a college professor becomes increasingly obsessed with the culture and sub-society of these dangerous groups. The arrival of new neighbours, gives him new spirit, as they are gregarious and friendly. However, he begins to suspect something is odd about the neighbours, something about the way they don't want him to see certain parts of the house, or a set of blueprints they have there. Are his neighbours terrorists, or is the stress of losing his wife merely driving him past Arlington Road (1999)the point of paranoia?

Perfect Sense (2011)
Perfect Sense, formerly known as The Last Word, is a 2011 drama film directed by David Mackenzie, starring Eva Green and Ewan McGregor. It is a story about two people – a chef and an epidemiologist - who fall in love just as an epidemic begins to rob the world's population of their sensory 300 (2006)perceptions.

300 (2006)
In the Battle of Thermopylae of 480 BC an alliance of Greek city-states fought the invading Persian army in the mountain pass of Thermopylae. Vastly outnumbered, the Greeks held back the enemy in one of the most famous last stands of history. Persian King Xerxes lead an army of well over 100,000 men to Greece and was confronted by 300 Spartans, 700 Thespians and other Slave soldiers. Xerxes waited for 10 days for King Leonidas to surrender or withdraw left with no options he moved. The battle lasted for about 3 days and Dead Poets Society (1989)after which all 300 Spartans were killed.

Dead Poets Society (1989)
Painfully shy Todd Anderson has been sent to the school where his popular older brother was valedictorian. His room-mate, Neil, although exceedingly bright and popular, is very much under the thumb of his overbearing father. The two, along with their other friends, meet Professor Keating, their new English teacher, who tells them of the Dead Poets Society, and encourages them to go against the The Duellists (1977)status quo. Each, in their own way, does this, and are changed for life.

The Duellists (1977)
Set during the grand, sweeping Napoleonic age, an officer in the French army insults another officer and sets off a life-long enmity. The two officers, D'Hubert and Feraud, cross swords time and time again in an attempt to achieve justice and preserve their honour. may be the only solution to end their respective children's disputes.

Top Five Releases This Week
Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)
Scarygirl (Xbox 360)
Stonekeep: Bones of the Ancestors (Wii)
Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road (PSP)
Dustforce (PC)

Evanescence – 'My Heart Is Broken'
Florence And The Machine – 'No Light No Light'
Little Cuts – 'Plastic Disaster'
Oberhoffer – 'Gotta Go'
Pulled Apart By Horses – 'V.E.N.O.M'

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness
Bossypants by Tina Fey
The Dispatcher by Ryan David Jahn
Night Road by Kristin Hannah
The House at Tyneford by Natasha Solomons

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