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28 July - 03 Aug, 2012

Azzfer RehmanDress For Success
Your Style!
Azzfer Rehman

Azzfer Rehman is a model, TV actor and presenter who has often been the face of popular commercials and fashion brands in Pakistan. Azzfer started out as model and then marked his presence in the television industry with a number of critically acclaimed drama serials. Recently MAG caught up with him to get an insight into his style sense! Excerpts:

Describe your personal style.
Famous Italian designer, Giorgio Armani said "The difference between style and fashion is quality." I take my cue from this quote as for as my personal style is concerned. I believe in going after quality, rather than trends, and keeping it simple. My wardrobe is full of good quality branded items that have a classic timelessness to them. I think if one is wearing a quality product it speaks for itself and that's what I like!

How has your style evolved?
I don't think it has evolved much. I was always a well-dressed guy. Even as a child, I was very particular about what I wore. I would admit that my style has expanded because as an actor, one does different characters that have their own appearance and sense of style, so with time, quite a variety of items enter your wardrobe along with your work. Also, when making red carpet appearances, you need to look slightly different each time so I think I have expanded my style sense a little from before.

How long does it take you to get ready?
Around 30 minutes; I am a very spontaneous person so depending on my mood, I take out anything from my wardrobe and put it on quickly. I just combine it with a nice pair of shoes and accessories, like a watch, and I am good to go.

What inspires you style-wise?
Simplicity and classicality really inspires me. Hollywood screen icons like Clark Gable and Paul Newman had that kind of style.

Is there anything you would like to change about your appearance?
No. I think all of us should be happy with how God has made us. God is perfect and he makes perfect things so how can you change or improve something that the Creator has made?

What is your favourite piece of clothing?
It sounds very clichéd but it is a pair of good old blue jeans. Jeans are comfortable and versatile; you can wear them all day long.

Favourite designers?
It would be a long list like Armani, Gucci, Tom Ford, YSL and Munib Nawaz.

Tell us something no one knows about you?
Style wise… I think what my fans wouldn't know is that my car is a mobile wardrobe! The backseat or the trunk is always full of clothes and shoes, which often come handy at the time of need.

5 Cool Belt Styles
Belts simply don't get enough street credential. Yes, they're used in order to hold your pants up, but they do serve another purpose by adding a whole other dimension to your look. Between the different types of leather and even cotton, not to mention all the colour and buckle options, the right belt can make your style run circles around that of your peers. And since belts are usually less expensive than your watch or Cool Belt Styleswallet, they offer easily accessible styling opportunities. Here are five belt styles for you to try:

1. The Classic Black Belt
It's sleek, has a brushed stainless steel buckle that gives it a powerful modern touch, and will remain a classic for years to come. Wear it with dress pants and a collared shirt, or flat-front pants and a crewneck sweater. The best part? It can even Cool Belt Stylesbe worn with jeans too.

2. The Thin Black Belt
This is a safe and stylish option for your suits, dress pants and even flat-front pants. An inch wide, it's classy enough for formal occasions without limiting itself to Cool Belt Stylesdressy nights out.

3. The Brown-ish Belt
If you're stepping out in oxblood, cognac or brown shoes, an acorn-brown belt featuring a brushed silver-tone metal buckle, is the perfect add-on to a cool fall-Cool Belt Styleswinter sweater or collared shirt, and brown pants.

4. The Beige Belt
If you like to take some chances with your wardrobe, a natural-coloured belt is a great place to start. Wear this belt with a pair of earth tone chinos or camel pants, and a pair of beige shoes. It can even be worn with a light gray suit featuring beige pinstripes, or simply a Cool Belt Stylesbeige suit.

5. The Casual Cotton Belt
For a really cool and casual look, there's nothing better than a laidback cotton or canvas belt. It makes a great addition to a pair of jeans or chinos, shorts, and even the right 5-pocket or flat-front pants. It may not be recommended for the workday, but it does offer you the chance to inject some colour into an otherwise plain look.

Summer Tips
Sweat-proof your clothes this summer…
ummers are in full bloom and luckily, we're here to help you learn how to sweat-proof your clothes so that Summer Tipsyou can go ahead and buy that shirt you had your eye on and maintain your cool this summer. Here are some tips to keep in mind!

Consider Specially Formulated Products
Go for antiperspirants that last longer and give you a 24 hour protection. Alternatively, if you sweat more than most people, consider products designed to combat this problem. These grooming products include sweat block pads, which are cloths that have been presoaked in industrial-strength antiperspirant. Once every seven days, apply these pads to help prevent sweating.

Choose The Right Shoes
In attempting to sweat-proof your clothes, don't wear canvas shoes as these will make your feet sweat like crazy and your shoes smell like you live in a swamp. Instead, wear leather shoes or sandals if you Summer Tipscan, as they breathe more and, therefore, decrease sweat and odour. Once you've purchased appropriate footwear, you'll also need to treat them properly. Consider slipping a moisture-absorbing insole into your shoes to further reduce bacteria and odour. Try to rotate your shoes as well so that you're not wearing the same pair every day. Doing so gives your shoes a chance to air out, as long as you don't bury them in the bottom of your shoe shelf. Although you should avoid wearing the same shoes day after day, do change your socks daily to avoid contracting a fungal infection that thrives in moist, sweaty and bacteria-ridden conditions. Lastly, every now and again, give the inside of your shoes a quick spray with a shoe deodouriser or use an OTC foot powder to help absorb sweat.

Soak Your Clothes
If you sweat a lot during the day, learn how to wash your own shirts. Soak your dress shirt in extremely Summer Tipscold water as soon as you get home, and apply a stain remover where there is one. One trick to really get stains out is to turn your shirt inside out and apply the stain remover to the inside of your shirt. This works better than applying a stain-removing product to the outside of your shirt because you're trying to lift the stain out of the fabric, not rub it further into the fibers. Leave the product on for a few minutes and launder your shirt as soon as possible, or at least rinse it in ice cold water again. If your shirt is white, bleach it every now and again to help keep your whites white.

Wear Moisture-Wicking Undershirts
Although it might sound crazy to be layering when it's hot out, smart layering can actually help sweat-proof your clothes. Your best bet is to layer a sports undershirt underneath a t-shirt. When you have no option but to wear a dress shirt, choose a sports undershirt in a solid colour that won't be too noticeable. Sports clothes are specifically designed to wick moisture away from your body and they also dry quickly so you'll never feel like you're soaking in sweat. Plus, many sports shirts incorporate mesh, meaning that your skin will breathe better.

Choose Natural-Fiber Clothing & Wear Light Colours
On particularly hot days, go for fabrics like cotton, silk or linen instead of polyester or other synthetics and blended fabrics. Natural fibers allow your skin to breathe more, meaning you'll sweat less. When the mercury really rises, even if you plan to wear cotton or linen, pick feather light pieces and choose shirts that are slightly larger than the size you usually wear to encourage air circulation. When it comes to colours, white or pale pastels will deflect more of the sun's rays, so you'll feel the heat less in these softer shades.

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