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30 June - 06 July , 2012

It's All About: Block PartyMore Is More Summer's
Accessory Trends

Stack your bracelets and pile on the rings! Loading up on accessories makes a fresh statement...

There is no need to tell a fashionista how important jewellery is. We are all aware of that. But it is great to always stay trendy and know the latest innovations in the industry. That is why we have compiled list of this season's More Is More Summer's Accessory Trendshottest jewellery tendencies for you.

Floral Fantasy
Flowers are a real hit this season. They aren't only featured as prints on clothing, shoes and bags, they also influence the shape of headwear and come in all kinds of jewellery. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, hair pins and other jewellery pieces More Is More Summer's Accessory Trendsfrom this season have all been inspired by flowers.

Chandelier Earrings
Chandelier earrings are very beautiful and feminine. They can make your evening look totally luxurious in no time. Single, double or even triple-layered earrings, which are very trendy nowadays, come made of both precious metals and less expensive equivalents, with amazing jewels or plastic elements in them. Wear these earrings with a casual or chic-looking updo. Chandelier earrings look the best in silver or black, as their design calls enough attention to them without More Is More Summer's Accessory Trendsthe element of colour.

Sea-inspired Jewellery
Sea is a very big theme this summer season and it has inspired the creation of plenty of fantastic accessories, including jewellery pieces. Sea-star-rings, pearl and fish-scale earrings, necklaces made of shells, iridescent crystals and other interesting jewellery can More Is More Summer's Accessory Trendstransform your look and make it more romantic.

Ethnic Influence
We all have brought ethnic jewellery from places like Zainab Market. Now it's time to wear it. Make a statement with your bright and interesting necklaces, large rings, earrings with feathers, fringe and knitted elements. Add unusual ribbons and wooden details in your hair and don't care much about matching things. This season the motto is – the more the better. So just stack More Is More Summer's Accessory Trendson your ethnic pieces and look terrific!

Multilayer Necklaces
Necklaces worn in many layers look chic and stylish. You can wear one multilayer necklace or a few necklaces in the same colour or different colours to brighten up your look. If you are looking to dress up a casual look, have fun with bold designs and colours. Layered necklaces will not only add vibrancy to your outfit, but will lift your mood as well. Accessorise with a gold medallion layered necklace, clear rhinestone layered necklace or tassel necklace. All of these pieces will make you feel quite fashion forward. One classic design that would look amazing on all women is multilayered pearl necklaces. Multilayer necklaces are a must-have accessory for every woman's jewellery collection, so be sure to snag some for yourself.

Bracelets In Geometric Shapes
More Is More Summer's Accessory TrendsSquare, triangle, cubic, and round bracelets are very trendy this season. They might look a little tough but when perfectly coordinated with an outfit they can give the right emphasis to the look. These bracelets are More Is More Summer's Accessory Trendsa common choice nowadays and the best part is they go with every look.

Watch Out
Directional and on-trend – punctuate your look with a fashion watch. Vibrant chronograph designs are ideal for colour-blocking, whilst pendant watches and bracelet styles offer an off-beat twist on simple accessories. You can go for colours like More Is More Summer's Accessory Trendsdark chocolate, refreshing purple, gold pink, shiny green, clear blues, blazing red, funky pinks and many more.

More Is More Summer's Accessory TrendsChic Flick
Feel like a star this season with Boho-chic

Hippie and bohemian cultures are the inspiration to this natural, yet chic trend. This summer, let out your inner flower child and More Is More Summer's Accessory Trendsembrace this earthy style. Go for flowing skirts, maxi dresses, billowy dresses, peasant tops and lots of earthy hues.
Accessories you need this summer to dress Boho-chic include: headbands (try wearing one across your forehead), chunky bangles, layered earth-toned jewellery like multiple neckpieces and large beaded hoops, hats, big sunglasses and big bags (check out styles with fringe). More Is More Summer's Accessory TrendsLeather sandals, especially gladiator sandals, neutral-coloured platform shoes and loosely worn leather belts can help complete your bohemian ensemble.
One of the things that you'll have to remember while putting together a modern Boho look is More Is More Summer's Accessory Trendsto avoid getting anything too gaudy. However, when you are selecting some of the smaller More Is More Summer's Accessory Trendsaccessories, choose bolder colours.
Wear affordable accessories and go for details! Bohemian fashion doesn't have to be expensive. Instantly transform a pair of jeans and a white tunic shirt into a Boho outfit with a brown leather handbag, gold and layered necklace, ethnic embroidered scarf, multiple bangle bracelets, gladiator heels and so on.

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