Autoimmune diseases: Signs & treatments
30 May-05 June, 2015
Autoimmune diseases: Signs & treatments

Autoimmune diseases are a multiple faceted beast. There are many kinds of autoimmune diseases with varied seriousness and effects, and varied symptoms and onsets. Graves’ disease, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis are few of the diseases out of 80 registered autoimmune diseases recognised in contemporary medicine. They are united because of overactive or under active immune system.
On the contrary, if it over-works, the immune system can harm your body rather than defending it. Any unidentifiable trigger can set off an autoimmune response, producing antibodies that can attack harmless tissues.

10 signs of autoimmune diseases
• Quick weight loss
This is the most common, early sign of autoimmune disease. Because losing weight without any dietary change or physical effort isn’t natural. Weight loss is often paired with symptoms of Grave’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease and celiac disease among others.

• Joint or muscle ache
You might feel sore muscles and bending at any particular joint might make you feel uncomfortable. This pain can be temporary, sharp, but recurring.

• Mental decline
It might get difficult for someone suddenly to keep interest and focus on something. This mental fogginess has been linked with various medical conditions, but in regard to autoimmune diseases, it is linked with myasthenia gravis and multiple sclerosis.

• Skin problems
Itchy spotting due to sun-sensitivity can be linked with an autoimmune disease. Rashes or hives that appear suddenly, sometimes due to dry weather or certain foods, are actually due to an autoimmune disease.

• Weight gain or fatigue
Sudden tiredness and weight gain is also linked with autoimmune diseases like autoimmune hepatitis and celiac disease. Occasional weight fluctuation or tiredness is okay, but if the shift is dramatic then investigate the root cause.

• Dry feeling
Dryness is linked with autoimmune diseases and is apparent on several areas like eyes, skin and mouth. This is very discomforting in patients who have autoimmune diseases.

• Numbness
Over activity of antibodies might make you feel or experience random tingling sensations in your feet or hands. This is an easily identifiable symptom of autoimmune disorder.

• Miscarriages & blood clots
These symptoms of autoimmune diseases are more dramatic than others. As miscarriage is sometimes linked with celiac disease and antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, while blood clotting can result into grave health problems.

• Skin patches or hair loss
Alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease, suddenly attaches to the hair follicles and cause patches of baldness. Others create discoloured patches of flesh, mostly white, and with flaking skin outlook. Plus, there are many other reasons of hair loss that are not related with autoimmune disorders.

• Abdominal pain or digestion trouble
Abdominal pain might be in short spells or with prolonged soreness. Indigestion, discolouration or blood in urine or stool might also point towards autoimmune diseases.

Reversing autoimmune diseases
These 80 kinds of autoimmune diseases are very difficult to identify, but the patients have to do a lifelong battle with it. However, identification of the disease is a must. For that I advise you to see a physician, he will give a complete account of your disease as well as a treatment protocol. The most effective way to fight an autoimmune disease is to identify the triggers which are giving out under-worked or over-worked antibodies. These are major triggers, you should be worried about.
• Airborne particles such as dust or pollen.
• Food triggers such as high sodium, an unbalanced diet and grains.
• Environmental triggers such as pollutants and airborne chemicals.
• Certain drugs.
• Vitamin deficiency
I recommend you to identify your disorder by keeping these triggers in mind and keep away from them. Then check whether the condition improves or remains similar. Also, I recommend you to follow an anti-inflammatory diet. You can limit the inflammation in your bodies by reducing inflammatory foods. •

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Autoimmune diseases: Signs & treatments
Autoimmune diseases are a multiple faceted ....
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