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31 Dec, 2011 - 06 Jan, 2012
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Get Ready To Sparkle
Look Your Best This Party Season With Our Lowdown On The Latest Beauty Trends And Top Tips

It's that time of year again when all hit the shops to buy the latest party dresses. But what about updating our festive make-up too? This season is all about statement lips, shimmery eyes, and pared-back face.
The eyes are either soft smoky or flawlessly defined with a black eyeliner, and the lips are bright red or burgundy. But you can't mix the two. The balance between the eyes and lips is achieved by giving the lips a soft red tint when wearing the smoky eye and going for full-on scarlet lips only when wearing the minimalist, defined black eyeliner.
It's a classic Hollywood look that's been given a modern twist by teaming the ruby lips with winged black eyeliner.
Get Ready To SparkleYou'll need a steady hand though – this vintage glamorous look is all about defining the lips precisely in the most unforgiving colour, and making sure the black eyeliner is absolutely straight. But don't worry – just follow tips here for making sure your eyes, lips and base are party perfect.

The Eyes
The eye make-up this party season plays up the eyes in two very different ways. You can either adopt a contemporary glam smoky eye look or you can go classic with dramatic black eyeliner.
This season the smoky eye is not strong but has a softer undertone and your eye shadow colours are key to achieving it. Dressing up the eyelids in contemporary muted metallic gives the eyes just enough warmth and glitter for the party look. The trendiest colour this year are subtle shades of gold, muted silver, metallic sage green, warm burgundy with a hint to golden simmer and deep purple.
Think of the colour of your eyes and not your skin when choosing a shadow. It's good to go for a colour to contrast with your natural eye colour. Purple and blue tones look good for dark brown eyes, while tones of brown, burgundy, red or pink are great for blue eyes. Muted gold and bronze are pretty neutral and suit most eye colours.
For eye shadows that last without creasing, here are some suggestions on getting your shadow base right:
Dab a little matte face primer on the eyes then apply a creamy base shadow which helps hold the powder shadow to the skin. As you reach the crucial shadow blending stage, remember that achieving a flawless shadow finish is all about bringing about a gradual graduation in colour. Keep the colours light near the inner corners but go darker gradually and seamlessly as you move towards the outer eye corners. Important: keep the browbone clean as far as possible otherwise your shadow will end up looking more messy than glamorous. In this look, when it comes to using a liner, don't pick any colour other than black – you can pick either liquid liner, gel or a thin liner pen. You can also use a pencil liner but it won't be as long-lasting. Now, here's how to apply the liner for smoky eye:
Draw a thin line on the upper lid smudging it slightly for a softer effect. Then line the lower lid, again in a thin stroke. Smudge liner again. Finish with a winged stroke at the outer corner on the upper lid. Our tip: Add a dash of metallic shadow over the lower lid eyeliner line to add more depth to the eyes. Finish with few coats of black mascara, and you're ready to party!
Those of you who don't like the smoky-eye effect could go for the vintage, defined eyeliner look. But one word of caution: be sure to take the time to practice it a few days before the party night because such precise eyeliner requires a very steady hand! Remember the key in this case is precise application:
Apply a thin stroke of liner on the upper eyelids close to the lashline. An easy way to achieve precision is to start lining one eyelid starting from the centre and going towards the outer corner in a quick, careful stroke. Once you have given it a clean winged stroke at the end, repeat a similar liner stroke on the other eyelid. Next, apply liner near the inner corners on both upper eyelids to fill the gaps in the liner stroke.
This look doesn't call for strong eye shades. Just a hint of base shadow and a subtle gold shade applied very close to the upper eyelid would be enough to bring a party sparkle to your eyes.

Get Ready To SparkleThe Lips
Stand out at the party with classic red, burgundy lips. But choosing the right red lip colour can be tricky, as it needs to go with your skin tone. It's easy to work out, just think – do gold jewels suit you better than silver? If the answer is yes, you are a warm undertone. But if you look better wearing silver jewels, you have a cool undertone. Pick a red with bluish (cool) undertones such as a bordeaux or deep maroon shade. But if you have a warm undertone, opt for warmer shades like tomato red or fire engine red.
For those of you who want just a hint of scarlet, first prep your lips with a lip balm and blot off excess with a tissue a few minutes later. Now apply the colour with your fingertips after mixing it with a little lip balm.
For full-on vintage Hollywood glamour, precise application is key. Look for a creamy, velvety texture lipstick as a matt colour won't be easy to retouch and maintain.
To begin with apply a dot of cream foundation on moisturized lips, line them and fill in with the lipliner matching your lipstick.
Use a brush to apply the lipstick in two coats blotting with a tissue after each coat.
Take the lipstick and liner with you to keep pout perfect all evening.
Get Ready To Sparkle
The Face
This party season, steer clear of shimmery face products as it's all about a clean matte look. Remember any kind of glitter on the face is out and so is any hint of dark contouring. Make sure your complexion appears velvety and not shiny and iridescent. It's all about the natural look and as if you're not wearing make-up.

Here's How To Get The Bare Face Look
First, prep your face with an exfoliator, then moisturise, and finally, prime with a matt face primer.
Dab a few dots of concealer on the undereye area and blend.
To get the clean cheek right, look for a creamy foundation that promises a matte, velvety finish rather than a shiny one.
Using a brush, apply the foundation all over the face and the neck and follow this with a hint of cream matte blusher applied only on the apples of the cheeks.
Finish with a translucent powder, but take care to avoid the cheek area when powdering.

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