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31 Mar - 6 Apr , 2012

Groomed EyebrowsHow To Get…
Groomed Eyebrows

Super-sized brows are hot this season, but what if (horror!) you've over-plucked or they've thinned with age? We show you how to shape yours…

1. Arch Up
Place your fingers two-thirds of the way along the brow and tweeze away stray hairs under the outer half to create an arch. Add definition by loading a stiff, flat brow brush with powder one shade lighter than your hair colour, bring it to the start of the arch, then take it to the outer corner.

2. Lengthen It
Hold a brow pencil in front of your nose and tilt it diagonally until it meets the outer corner of your eye where the brow ends. With the pencil, extend the line to this point using feathery strokes to mimic the look of fine hairs.

3. Fill In Bare Spots!
Use a brush and powder shadow, to fill in any gaps. Angle the brush in the direction of the hair growth to keep it looking real.

4. Tame It
Brush unruly hair upwards and trim anything that creeps over the top of the brow line with nail scissors. Then set in place with a slick of brow gel.

Beauty Special
Break the code on the latest make-up, skin and hair trends to have you looking like a star

4 Highlighter Dos And Don'ts
1. A highlighter, when used correctly, can accentuate and contour your features while down-playing your Highlighter Dos And Don'tsflaws. A touch of highlighter can give your skin an enviable glow.
2. It should ideally be used on the area just above your cheekbones. Also, dab some highlighter on your temples. On the flipside, avoid using it on your chin and nose.
3. Highlighters are available in mousse, cream, powder and foundation form. Add a little cream-based highlighter in pearl finish to your foundation for dewy-looking skin. Alternatively, use a matte powder-based highlighter after applying your blush for a luminescent look.
4. Make sure that the highlighter you opt for is not too glittery or shiny as it can make you look rather pale. Also, do not overuse it.

4 Easy Steps To Becoming A Smokey-eyed Siren
1. While working a smokey-eyed look, opt for a dark shade of brown rather than black, as the final effect is subtle, yet striking. Also, use very little eyeshadow to begin with and then continue to blend.
Steps To A Ravishing Red Pout2. Begin by applying black pencil eyeliner to your waterline and top rim. Then, using black gel eyeliner work a thin line on your upper lid. Now soften the line by smudging with q-tip or an eyeshadow brush.
3. Once smudged, blend with brown eyeshadow starting at your lash line. Do this till you have achieved the smokey look on the upper lid.
4. To complete, blend a little brown eyeshadow below the waterline of your bottom lid and add a hint of pearl to brighten eyes. Apply mascara.

5 Steps To A Ravishing Red Pout
1. Use a lip pencil in the exact shade as your lip colour to neatly outline your pout. While outlining, make sure you go a bit thicker towards the inside of your lips. Then fill the lips with the desired colour.
2. Using a lip pencil before applying lipstick helps in defining your lips but prevents colour from bleeding. Using a matte shade with minimal gloss is another way to prevent the lip colour from bleeding.
3. For long-lasting colour, use a single ply of tissue, dabbed with translucent powder, on the lips immediately after first application of lip colour. Repeat colour application before adding a hint of gloss.
4. Most South-Asian skin tones complement deeper shades of red, going towards burgundy and ruby. Reserve the scarlets and crimsons for fairer skin tones and browns and maroons for duskier complexions.
5. Keep the eye makeup lighter with just mascara and some smudged kohl. Or try a strong eye liner. Keep the blush minimal or absent. Alternatively, using just a bronzer can also work well with your
Steps To A Perfect Blow-dryred pout.

4 Steps To A Perfect Blow-dry
1. Always wash your hair with a good shampoo and condition it. And use product like a heat protector spray before starting the process. The spray will protect every strand of your hair from heat damage.
2. For a straight and sleek blow-dry, work in sections and start blow-drying your hair straight with a round brush. After having neatly worked the sections, you can use an iron to give it a sleek finish.
3. To create soft waves and bounce, take sections starting from the crown and roll inwards using Velcro rollers. Run a hairdryer over the rollers to set hair. Alternatively, dry your hair first and then use heated rollers. After some time, gently brush out the hair to flaunt your cascading waves.
4. The ideal way to maximise your blow-dry is to make sure it's done on clean hair. It's also important to use good products, which protect as well as repair the hair as you subject it to a hairdryer or a hair iron.

When To Ditch Your Cosmetics
Think your cosmetics might be past their prime? Here's how to tell when it's time to bin them

It Smells Funny
If a cream, lotion or potion smells even a little sour, don't use it. It's a sign that something's wrong with the formula. If it's relatively new, you should take it back to the retailer. If not, check the use-by date. Typically, the shelf life of a skincare product will be longer than the number of applications it contains, so When To Ditch Your Cosmeticsif you reach that date first, you may not be applying it frequently enough.

If Feels Funny
Texture changes in a skincare product can indicate that it is ready for the bin. If a lotion looks too thick or too thin, dries out or becomes unstable in the formula. Rather than risk reaction, it's best to bin it.

It Dulls The Skin
Does a new foundation make you look fresh, glowy and radiant for about two to three months, then seems muddy on your skin after that? Once a product dulls your skin, it could be a sign that its formula has altered or it's past its use-by date.

It's Changed Colour
Like anything that contains pigment, cosmetic colours can be light sensitive. If you find that your red lipstick appears a pale shade of orange, it's likely that it's seen too much sun and needs to be replaced.

It's Dried Out
Think mascara. Once the formula appears dry and sticky, toss it. It won't just clump your lashes. It could cause infection. As a general rule, you should replace your mascara every three months.

The Formula Separates
This is a warning, particularly if your product is a sunscreen. Once the formula separates, it's a sure sign that something is not working properly, and that is a risk you shouldn't take with any SPF formula.

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