23 - 29 Apr, 2016
01 July, 2015 - 30 June, 2016
Name Of Publication: Mag The Weekly
Frequency: Weekly
Language: English
Published from: Karachi (Pakistan)
Established: December 1980
Member of: Jang Group of Publication
Circulation: Lagest Circulated English Weekly in Paistan
Subscription: 89.75% home delivery
Readership: 5 to 6 persons per copy
Advertising reach: Reaches all lucrative markets in Pakistan
Authentic and reliable source of information
Male Readers : 39%
Female Readers : 61%
Readers' Age Group : 20 - 50 Years
Regular Readers : Young executives, fashion designers, college and university students
Positions SIZE Rates
Inside Full Page Full Page Colour Rs. 40,000
Page 29 (White Offset) Full Page Colour Rs. 45,000
Page 32 (White Offset) Full Page Colour Rs. 45,000
Inside Front Cover MAG Full Page Colour Rs. 55,000
Inside Back Cover MAG Full Page Colour Rs. 55,000
Back Cover Full Page Colour Rs. 75,000
Double Spread Full Page Colour Rs. 85,000
Center Spread Full Page Colour Rs. 2,25,000
News / Feature Style Full Page Colour Rs. 1,00,000
Page Size : 40 cm X 28 cm
Trimmed Page Size : 37 cm X 25 cm
No. of Columns : 04
Column Width : 4.25 cm
Column Length : 37 cm
Number of pages : 64 or more
Paper Used : Newsprint & Offset
Cover : White Offset
Duration of contract : Space to be utilised (COLOUR)
July - Spet : 12 Full Pages
Oct - Dec : 10 Full Pages
Jan - Mar : 8 Full Pages
Apr - June : 6 Full Pages

All contracts expire on 30th June 2015. 25 per cent extra will be charged for guaranteed position and 15 per cent for Bleed. Centre and Double Spreads will be accepted in four colours only. Advertisements will be accepted subject to the following size restrictions.

1. Single column or 4 column ads will not be accepted.

2. Ads with heights between 20cm and 37cm will not be accepted.


Further details on request from the General Manager Marketing.
This rate list cancels all previous advertisments tariffs.
1. Management reserves the right to refuse or suspend the publication of an advertisement without stating any reason.

2. In case any advertiser or advertising agency fails to pay bills within the period for which the credit is allowed, the management will be at liberty to suspend publication of subsequent advertisements of such advertising agency and the contract shall be deemed to have been terminated without prejudice to the right of recovery of dues.

3. While the publication of competitive advertisements in close proximity to each other is avoided, no guarantee can be given in this respect nor claims for free repeat in such cases will be entertained unless at the time of placing the order, the advertiser agrees to pay an extra percentage for specified position.

4. Advertisements are accepted in good faith and management accepts no responsibility regarding the bonafides of the advertisers.

5. Cancellation of advertisements will only be accepted if at least two weeks notice is given in advance.

6. Advertisements missed on the scheduled dates may be published in the following issue without seeking prior approval.

7. Ads in news / feature style will positively carry asterisk mark.

8. Every effort will be made to publish the ads as per art work. However due to large print run, reproduction slightly deviates from the original art work. In such cases, request for make good will not be tenable.

9. Rates will be applied as specified in this rate card. Any other rate or discrepancy contained in the release order will be considered as an error.

10. No deduction is allowed from advertisement bills on account of alleged defective insertions. Claims on such account if admitted, will be met by free insertion to be published at the Management's convenience as far as practicable.

11. No responsibility can be accepted for damage to or loss of designs, film positives etc. Although utmost care would be taken.

12. No particular page will be guaranteed to any advertisement unless an extra charge is made for such specification.

(Manager Marketing)

Fax: 021-32635701
Contact Person:
Ikram Mehmood
(Circulation Manager)

Direct Number :
021- 32634317

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