It's splitsville for Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky

According to a report, the couple, who dated for roughly one year after working together on the Aronofsky's directorial Mother! called it quits a month ago, but remains on good terms. An insider revealed that the 27-year-old actress and the 48-year-old helmer were last seen together publicly at the Governor's Awards in Los Angeles in November, even though they had reportedly split by that point. In an interview, the Hunger Games star dished on how their relationship first began, "I had a crush on him when he pitched to me, and that was like a year before we started rehearsing, but he was a professional, which only made it worse for me," she explained. Lawrence continued, "We just kind of formed a friendship. He knew how I felt. He never told me how he felt. I mean, I assumed. We just formed a friendship and then the friendship turned into a partnership for the movie, once we started working. And then once the movie was done, I was like, 'All right! You're my boyfriend'."