I recently came to know that I am pregnant for the first time. I am very concerned about my diet and for the development of my baby. I will be pleased to know which foods I should avoid and what is mandatory to include in my diet. I am also having extreme hair fall. I need something in my diet which will help me rescue my hair during pregnancy. I also wanted to know if applying acacia honey on my face for my acne scars is safe during pregnancy.

First of all, keep this in mind that you don't have to eat for two. There's no need to increase your food intake in the first trimester. Just have a healthy balanced diet and stay hydrated. And yeah, it's fine to apply acacia honey during pregnancy. Although, you should consult a dermatologist for the scars.

Is there any application or website to guide me in making my pregnancy diet and activity plan?

Instead of getting help from a website, contact a registered dietitian. They can guide you better.

What can I do to learn how to cook healthy? What foods make you feel full?

Fibre rich foods make you feel full. And you can find thousands of recipes on internet. Or you can check YouTube as well.

I have been suffering from cystic acne for several years now. It takes an emotional toll as it disfigures the skin on my face. What are the best foods to eat and/or program to follow to reduce inflammation and breakouts? Thank you!

You have hormonal imbalance. Try adding seeds to your diet and avoid all kind of processed foods.