Italian stylist drives a hairy car

  • 02 Dec - 08 Dec, 2017
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

An Italian hairstylist was determined to make the weirdest and hairiest car ever. Even the peeps at the Guinness World Records have vouched for its weirdness.

Salerno’s Maria Lucia Mugno spent more than 150 hours covering her car Fiat 500 in more than 264 pounds of human hair which she brought from India.

“We shampoo it, we brush it, we trim it,” she says about her car’s long tresses, adding that her inspiration came from a dare, a bet, whilst she was working.

“My friend didn’t think I was capable of making a car that was entirely covered in real hair. And when he saw my finished work of art, he was completely shocked by what I’d made,” she said when speaking to the press.

Mugno’s car might be hairy, but it is legal to drive on the streets because she has not covered its engine with hair. She said that it would have “created a fire hazard”.

She admits that people are not sure how to react after looking at her car when she drives it around. “When they see it’s actually hair, it disgusts them,” she said and further states that she takes care of the hair as if it were on a person.