• 02 Dec - 08 Dec, 2017
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Hello MAG! Can you guys please interview Vaneeza Ahmed. She was the most amazing Pakistani model ever and I’m her huge fan! Saleha frm Lahore

Hey MAG! You guys are great. Please print my SMS in your magazine! Pleeeeeeeease!!!! Sarwat frm Quetta

Please interview Quratulain Baloch, she is my favourite singer. Thanks Kanza frm Quetta

Hi there guys! I am a huge fan of Sajal and I was delighted to see her on the cover of MAG. Thank you so much for printing her cover, she is the best actress in Pakistan. Zarmina frm Hyderabad

I am a huge fan of Vidya Balan and it was great to see her interview in MAG. Sikander from Karachi

MAG is the most amazing magazine, filled with interesting articles and information. Keep it up guys! Ushna frm Lahore