Armeena Khan in Full Tilt

Appearing kind of cute in an otherwise almost sadistic Daldal, Armeena Khan is proving now that she can shift character skins after all. There are people who immediately took a liking to the actress when she debuted for Humayun Saeed’s blockbuster, Bin Roye. One of my cousins remarked that her smile lights up the tube. Sadly, with my cynical outlook, I failed to see that sparke in her, as even Humayun fell for her. Who could ignore Mahira and go for another girl in his right senses, I thought. Probably, she had a type of impassionate western look to her then. But as the serial progressed and reached its last episode, she had started to look good. In Daldal, though, Armeena is hopelessly in love with an ungrateful protagonist. In that role, which isn’t new by any chance (indicating Qaisera isn’t keen on characterisation much), she is giving it the full tilt. Despite her drawn face, she looks like a doll in those printed fabrics – I can’t understand why they paint them so bland. I mean, can’t they show girls with typical habits, or characteristics, or some special talent like painting, or singing etc? If not for Armeena’s good performance, the role has nothing to be remembered by; and that is despite the fact that Qaisera is one of the better scribes.