White-wash your CLOSET

The temperature is dropping, which in a lot of ways brings white in the centre of our wardrobe. From wool to cashmere, the colour brings out an aura of elegance to the silhouette. However, if you are not careful, there are tons of things that can go wrong. Rest assured, this handy outline will help you keep all things in check when flaunting the hue this season.

Mix and match different textures

White is a pretty bright and solid colour which means design elements can get lost in them and wearing an all-white dress in a single texture can blend the separates together instead of creating an impact. So when it comes to wearing it, try mixing different shades and textures to create an extra oomph. This will add dimension to your otherwise plain outfit. Opt for contrasting shades and textures, such as mixing soft cashmere with heavy denim.

Opt for the perfect fit

Go for tailored staples. A fitted pant suit is bound to look super-stylish and will add up to your dressed-up vibe. Since white has the tendency to accentuate everything, your finishing must be impeccable. Opting for a bigger or smaller size can potentially ruin your entire look. So, if you are a fan of baggy clothing, it is best you opt for a darker colour instead of white.

Wear the right shoes

Wearing the right footwear is important if you want to perfect your overall look. Steer clear of odd combinations that do not go with your outfit. Nuetral toned shoes or white sandals are a good option if you are wearing white during the summers. However, in the winter, you can style it up a bit by wearing contrasting black shoes. Do not be afraid to go bold with cherry red shoes, too.

Bring out those white jeans

It is time you bring out your crisp white pair of jeans, for they offer plenty of versatility which means you can conveniently pair them with practically any kind of patterned top in any colour because of its clean canvas. Sure, wearing white jeans can be tricky if you have a knack for being clumsy. However, an upper of some kind would do some good if you want to avoid unwanted stains. White jeans pair well with neutral staples such as grey duffle coats or navy blazers. Opt for a bright hue that will make white the focal point of your overall look. You can also pull off the look by adding a pretty winter coat to the equation.

Use white like a clean canvas

White works as a clean canvas which means you can use statement jewellery or patterned shirts and outwear to spruce up your look.

However, we suggest you keep your overall silhouette as effortlessly chic as possible, so do not go overboard with chunky jewellery. While this is a great opportunity to show off your eye-catching pieces, do not over accessorise. Keep the look clean by adding only a few key pieces like a pair of sunglasses or a trendy handbag.

Don’t go overboard

If you are not perfectly sure, it is best you keep things simple. Lay off the grandeur and play it safe by sticking to monochrome. Not only will this keep your look refined but it will allow you to make a fashion statement without trying too hard. It is best not to overwhelm your look with too many silhouettes and styles simultaneously. Sometimes the secret to looking effortlessly chic is to not put much effort at all.

Add some sparkle

If you want to elevate your outfit, add a bit of bling. This will help your simple outfit go a long way. Whether it is a touch of hardware on your bag or a silver pair of earrings, adding some glitz is the perfect way to make your outfit look more luxurious. Throw on some metallic shoes or mix things up with gold embellishments. Experiment with metallics and glitter to create a little zing to your evening look.