How to do it

Avoid wearing white on a busy day

If you mainly rely on public commute to get by, or know that you have a lot of running around to do, wearing white could be a recipe for disaster, as you will be more prone to getting your clothes dirty. Between dirty streets or juggling groceries, it would not be short of a miracle if your white dress makes it through the day unstained. This is probably why we see most women sticking to darker ensembles. Darker colours don’t show as much dirt and also tend to be slimming. So, only stick to white if you are planning on spending the evening glamorously.

Change the fabric with temperature

An airy cotton top is an absolute no-no for winters. As the temperature starts to drop, opt for heavier fabrics such as wool, mixed cotton or even denim. Alter the fabric according to the weather, so that you have a trendy outfit that is perfect for the season.

Know your whites

If you really want to turn heads, it is essential you do your research and acquaint yourself with the different shades of white. Some of the most popular shades include creamy white and snowy hues of the colour. The former successfully adds more depth to your look whereas the latters offers more elegance and richness.