It’s time to brighten up your wardrobe!

Unfortunately, when it comes to fashion, most men can become a bit careless about the colours they include in their wardorbe. While it usually pays to play it safe, isn’t fashion all about experimentation and expressing yourself fearlessly? In fact, tweaking the colour wheel in your wardrobe could actually be the best fashion decision you have made all year. Plus, it is a hassle-free way to lighten up and bring change to your predictable wardrobe. If you are looking for some inspiration, we have a list of trending colours you should try out.

Jewel tones

Jewel tones may seem a little too over the top at first, however, these bright colours are making a comeback on staple knitwear and bomber jackets. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be completely out there by throwing on a bunch of bright colours. For starters, play it safe with an emerald sweatshirt or stick to finer details.

You can add a pop of colour by including a cool ruby coloured pocket square or maybe a nice belt in a similar shade. If the colour looks good on you, you can amp up your wardrobe from there.


Most guys assume that brown only goes well with shoes and belts. However, various shades of brown are finally getting the attention they deserve. While, it may not be the most vibrant entry on the colour wheel, it’s certainly among the most versatile options out there. Brown includes some flattering shades that blend well with most skin tones. You can opt for softer shades such as camel or caramel. More earthy palettes include shades of chocolate or tobacco. Keep in mind that a full brown ensemble may be difficult to pull off so include neutral shades in your outfit including light greys and creams to perfect the look. You can also include textured fabrics such as a suede jacket or chunky knitwear to make your outfit more interesting.


Now, this is an interesting colour that is sure to turn a few heads. Notes of burgundy and shiraz are trending their way into menswear. This is mostly because these beautiful shades work well with other wearable colours. Opt for deep shades of red to add warmth to your wardrobe whilst adding a more premium touch. The colour works best in moderation and pairs well with black and navy shades. Consider adding a wine-coloured sweater or overcoat to spruce up your winter wardrobe. If you like keeping things minimalistic, start off with a wine-coloured tie for a more dapper look.