Colour coordination is not something that should be overlooked if you want to perfect your look. However, there are certain rules a man should follow before including a particular colour in their wardrobe. Selecting the right colour is just as important as proper fitting or selecting the right fabric. Remember, the particular shade you opt for can either make or break your outfit. Here are a couple of rules you should keep in mind.

Opt for coloured accessories

If you don’t have the budget to completely revamp your wardrobe, show off your playful side by opting for coloured accessories. For instance, adding a cool belt or investing in a nice pair of shoes can be a simple yet inexpensive way to enhance your current outfit. This is a good option if you don’t want to change the colours of your core wardrobe items or have to abide by a dress-code at work.

Layer it up

If you’re not quite ready or are too intimidated to make a bold statement, consider layering up your options to create a safer look. During the colder months, throw on a dark blazer over your coloured sweater or shirt. You can also add a dark overcoat to give off a more sophisticated look. For the summers, open shirts are key to layering. You can also tie a coloured shirt around your waist for a trendier look.

Consider your skin tone

When picking out a particular piece, don’t forget to pay attention to your skin tone first. While skin tones range from a plethora of shades, there are only two basic types that you should pay attention to: this includes cool and warm skin tones. Cool complexions feature pink undertones whereas warm complexions usually have yellow undertones. It’s also worth noting that your skin may tan or grow lighter or darker depending on the weather. People with darker skin tones stand a better chance at pulling off bright colours whereas men with a lighter skin tone should stick to medium hues.