Zayn – The Official Autobiography

First person

In his first autobiography, the popular singing icon opens up with his collection of thoughts, inspirations, and never-before-seen photographs. After five years of huge success with the band One Direction, Zayn Malik launched his career as a solo artiste with his album Mind of Mine and stepped onto the ladder to become one of the most successful music artistes in the world. The British lad tells and shows all in this personal and raw scrapbook of his life. Never-before-released photos give readers an insight into his life and personality. In the book the 24-year-old talks about his not-so-easy ride to stardom on the X Factor, the show that gave his boy band the chance to make it big in the world of music, as well as why he quit the celebrated band One Direction just five years later. Designed attractively with hundreds of full-colour snaps and his notes, drawings, song lyrics, and personal stories, the autobiography encapsulates his life’s cherished moments and honest feelings on fame, success, music, and life.