Dian Pelangi

Major leaguer

Dian Pelangi is a digital influencer and tour de force in the global Muslim fashion scene and beyond. She is credited with pushing the conventional boundaries of Muslim fashion and with her extensive social media following – she currently has 2.5 million Instagram followers – Dian is influencing a wide demographic with her modern take on Muslim dress. The 26-year-old Muslim fashion icon was born on January 14, 1991 in Palembang, Indonesia and graduated from Paris’s Ecole Superieuredes Arts et Techniques de la Mode (ESMOD) in the year 2008. Known as a multitalented designer, she brings colour and excitement to the local and international Muslim fashion scene. Dian takes inspiration from the colours of the rainbow and passionately mines her country’s heritage as her muse, from vivid tie-dye and exquisite songket to lavish batik. She has held fashion shows in Britain, France, Germany, Holland, Australia, Dubai, Egypt, Kuwait and Jordan and is a regular at Jakarta Fashion Week – where she showcased her first collection at the age of 18.