Lovestruck - Danish & Ayeza

From the moment they laid eyes on each other, Ayeza and Danish knew they were meant for each other. But it hasn’t all been hunky-dory for them, as they had to tackle a lot of media buzz that was always fishing for gossip surrounding their relationship. Their wedding functions, leading up to their official union almost three years ago, were followed by the entire nation with much ardour akin to the royal wedding of Kate and William. The duo now is much more relaxed and settled in their way of life, and clearer on what they want from it moving forward. This Valentine’s Day, MAG sits down with television industry’s favourite sweethearts as they open up about their marital journey, parenthood and what life has taught them so far.

Most memorable moment?
A & D: Marriage.

Your scariest moments?
A: When I was in grade 1, I accidently got locked inside the bathroom. I was very scared because the school had gotten off and I thought there might not be anyone outside. Someone eventually did get me out.

D: Once I came very close to drowning. I thought that I wasn’t going to make it.

You’re most nervous when?
A: The first day of shooting any serial for me is nerve-racking.

D: The night before the premiere of my movie.

You’re most comfortable when?
A & D: When I’m with my family.

First celebrity crush?
A: None that I can remember.

D: Kate Winslet.

You wish to work next with?
A: Salman Khan.

D: Tom Hanks.

Favourite colour?
A: White and red.

D: Black.

Any personality you would like to spend a day with?
A: Angelina Jolie.

D: Salman Khan.

If you were stranded on an island...
A: I would take my husband and family along.

D: I would like to have my family, some food and a boat with me.

Craziest fan encounter?
A: I can never forget this one fan who started crying hysterically when she met me. She requested a hug from me, as well.

D: Once a female fan approached me and threatened to commit suicide if I didn’t kiss her.

If you could wake up tomorrow as somebody for one day, whose life would you want to live?
I’m very happy in my life, Ma Sha’a Allah, so I wouldn’t want to be anyone else.

D: If I could wake up as someone else then I think I would like to be a jinn.

If you weren’t doing what you are, what would you be?
A: Pilot.

D: Cricketer.

If you could change something about your appearance or personality?
A: I am very fond of giving advice. I always suggest to people what I would choose for myself, but this often costs me a lot. So, I would like to change this habit of mine.

D: Nothing at all.

If you could go back and undo something, what would that be?
A: I have trusted so many people, especially friends who didn’t deserve my friendship. I don’t make friends now for the same reason because it just wastes my time. I would like to have that time back.

D: I would like to change the fact that I valued some people who don’t deserve me.

You wish you never have to...
A: Live without my family and come across fake people.

D: Be alone in my life.

Foolproof way to win your heart?
A: Be honest no matter how harsh your words may sound.

D: Be down to earth.

Ideal man/woman?
A: My mom and dad.

D: Dad.

You would never forgive?
A: A man who raises his hand on a woman.

D: Cruel people.

Who is closest to your heart?
A & D: My mom.

You get most emotional when?
A: It’s hard for me to attend weddings now after my rukhsati. I can’t see a father crying for his daughter.

D: I get emotional when anyone from my family is in distress.

The secret to those lush locks and skin?
A: If you are comfortable in your own skin, it brings out a glow in you.

D: Healthy food.

What’s your work-out regime?
A: Thrice in a week, I run and cycle for 10-15 minutes, each.

D: Exercise and prayers.

How do you relax after a tiring day?
A: Even if I have a few minutes off, I just run to the nearest mall or mart and shop for all the useless eatables [laughs].

D: Spend time at home.

Three things you can’t leave home without?
A: Phone, perfume and credit cards.

D: Credit cards, phone and iPod.

What makes you impatient?
A & D: When people lie.

What is the most important thing you have learnt so far in life?
A: Sometimes silence is the best reply to foolish people.

D: Above all, you have to be a good human being.

You are addicted to?
A: I can’t do anything without my family.

D: Exercise.

Three words that describe you?
A: Smart, lively and ambitious.

D: Honest, hard-working and committed.

Men/women should never?
A & D: Disrespect each other.

How long does it take you to get ready?
A: Depends; sometimes I take just five minutes, and sometimes much longer.

D: Just five minutes.

Your most annoying habit?
A: I can be very talkative.

D: None.

How have you changed post-marriage?
A: I have learnt how to ignore certain things and how to be happy and take care of people.

D: I have become more responsible.

How did you guys first meet?
A & D: We first interacted on the social media site, Orkut. I (Ayeza) wasn’t working in show business at that time. We then met for the first time at a modelling agency and immediately decided that we want to spend the rest of our lives together.

How did the proposal happen?
A: The first time we talked to each other on the phone, Danish had admitted that he would like to marry me one day, so that was kind of a proposal. Then his family came over and we got engaged later.

Who is more expressive and romantic?
A: I am more expressive but Danish is more romantic because I feel shy.

D: I am more romantic.

Who is more submissive?
A: Danish.

D: I agree.

Most important things that you have learnt about the other after marriage?
Danish has taught me how to love unconditionally. He also has a big heart and always helps anyone who is in any kind of need, something I need to learn.

D: Patience, humility and love.

An advice to your 10-year younger self?
A: Remember that if people are trying to bring you down, it only means you are above them.

D: Grow up faster because stardom is waiting for you.

An advice to your 10-year older self?
A: Be yourself because an original is worth a thousand copies.

D: Stay grounded.

Styling: Aneela Murtaza
Hair, makeup & photography: Akif Ilyas