Facebook may start asking for a selfie to determine suspicious account activity

Facebook is planning to launch a new type of captcha that demands users to upload a picture of their face to verify their identity. In fact, some Facebook users have encountered a prompt that asks them to upload a clear picture of their face. Rest assured, Facebook promises to delete the picture permanently from its servers once the photo has been verified. According to a Facebook spokesperson, this initiative will help the social media giant combat suspicious activity at numerous points of interaction on the site such as when sending a Facebook request, editing ads or setting up ads payment. This will help secure the website for users all around the world, allowing Facebook to trace suspicious account activity immediately.

New Instagram feature lets you doodle on pictures 

Everybody’s most loved photo-sharing app has introduced a new feature. The app now allows users to edit pictures sent to them using direct message. So, the next time your friend DMs you a photo, you can doodle on it or decorate it however you want before sending it back. With this new feature, it’s clear that Instagram is trying to give its users more freedom to interact with each other. Not to mention, it’s quite similar to Snapchat’s doodle feature. Additionally, Instagram now allows folks to send pictures that can either be viewed once, or on loop. This is another new feature that users are bound to enjoy.

Creators of Pokémon Go raise $200 million before Harry Potter game launch

The creators of Pokémon Go have managed to raise $200 ahead of the launch of its new Harry Potter themed game. The company, Niantic is known for creating some of the best augmented reality games. In 2016, Niantic peaked to its fame with the launch of Pokémon Go. The game was played worldwide and is best known for encouraging players to move around in the real world to collect incentives and rewards (most importantly, rare Pokémon. The new Harry Potter AR game called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be out sometime next year and is being made in collaboration with Warner Bros. Interactive.