Playing Auggie in Wonder was 'hard' for Jacob Tremblay

Actor Jacob Tremblay, who had to wear prosthetics to play a boy born with facial deformity in his new film Wonder, said the role was a challenge for him. The 11-year-old actor stars along side Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts in the Stephen Chbosky-directed drama based on a book by the same name.

"It was hard sometimes, and there were days when I really got tired of it. The anti-bullying message of the film was the main reason I did it," the Room actor said in a statement. "Bullying mostly takes place at school, and school needs to be a place where kids can feel safe, so they can learn. They can't do that if kids are judging them," he added. Tremblay revealed that his character and him are both Star Wars fanatics which helped him get into the depth of the cosmic fantasies of his character.