“I naively thought what I say doesn't matter, at least online”

As the industry is overrun with controversies, there are many stars who choose to sit on the sidelines and quietly watch the show from afar. Then there are those like Richa Chaddha who choose to open up about their opinions. The actress doesn't shy away from sharing her views on socially relevant topics on social media, which is exactly what caught the attention of American entrepreneur-author Timothy Ferriss, who has invited her to contribute to his book.

Overwhelmed at the opportunity, Richa shared, "I naively thought what I say doesn't matter, at least online. But when I was asked to share my experience in this book, I was over the moon. Tim Ferriss is a huge influence in the area of self-growth for us millennials." The book also features personalities like Ashton Kutcher, Ben Stiller, Maria Sharapova, Larry King and Jimmy Fallon. Richa, who is the only Indian to feature in it, revealed that Ferriss reached out to her over e-mail. "He shared a questionnaire with me, and I shared my life experiences and learning in the answers. It's just general anecdotes about overcoming obstacles," she said. Talking about trolls, Richa clarified, "I don't have the time to deal with trolls; they are jobless. I only engage [with them] when I have a burning desire to say something."