Parineeti likes to challenge herself

Parineeti Chopra, who has been in the industry for the last six years, says she prefers not to play repetitive characters. "Audiences are keen to see a performance, as much as they like watching the stars and larger-than-life films, so being able to deliver in different genres and tackle a variety of roles has more value. Personally, repeating myself at this stage of my career would just be uninspiring. I like to challenge myself and put out a new shade with each film," she shared. When asked if crossing benchmarks matters to her, the Golmaal 4 star said, "As an actor, you want to have a great body of work, but I would be lying if I said the INR 100-crore benchmark doesn't matter. It matters to every actor. It shows how audiences are accepting you, how much they love you," she added.

When asked if she is ambitious in real life, she revealed, "I am ambitious, yes, just not fiercely ambitious. When I take up something, I give it my absolute best. I focus on it 100 per cent and try achieving it. I don't like ambition that tries to put down people and talent. I feel there is enough room for everyone to grow," she said and continued, "I want to work on varied characters, films and subjects. In that sense, I am passionate more than ambitious."