Letters To The Editor

“Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.” – Richard Branson

Gaddafi stadium – where cricket begins!
Lahore’s Gaddafi stadium was a cricket lover’s paradise recently, following World XI’s visit for Independence Cup to thrive international cricket in Pakistan once again. Even though a few international matches including our very own PSL did take place off and on, but more support is still needed by the cricketing community around the world. The nation had long been awaiting a notable homecoming of cricket in the country and after a nine-year hiatus; it has eventually become a reality. Cricketers from seven out of 12 cricket playing nations arrived to mark the return of international cricket in Pakistan and the nation had been long awaiting great moments that were witnessed when the event peacefully took place in Lahore. We must all give a huge round of applause to the law enforcement agencies that worked day and night to ensure the safety of our guests and a smooth show of cricket for Pakistanis.
Zarina Malik,

Developing Mubarak Village
Located along the shore of the Arabian Sea, Mubarak Village is Karachi's second largest fisherman locality. Former chief minister of Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah in 2009, announced to develop the village on a modern basis and construction work also kick-started back then. However, the construction stopped midway and the project came to a halt. Almost 50 per cent of developmental work had been done in order to provide sewerage and electricity to half of the village’s population, yet the rest still face major civic issues. There were also announcements regarding the provision of lease papers to fisherman, however, only 10 per cent inhabitants have received the official documents. People living in this village also deserve to receive facilities provided to the cities, and are equally deserving of all the basic necessities like shelter, electricity, water, gas, healthcare and food, and this is only possible when authorities take their issues seriously and actually do something rather than making announcements and wasting time.
Imran Baig,

Kidney trading
Kidney failure is a common malady. At present, various illegal methods are employed to make kidneys available to those who require transplantation surgery, and this involves illegal trade of the organ. Unfortunately, despite actions taken against illegal organ trade, Pakistan remains to be an international centre of kidney transfer. Even foreigners prefer coming to Pakistan to get the procedure carried out illegally. Since many people aren’t educated in Pakistan, those involved in this unlawful activity tend to lure them with money in exchange of their kidneys. Therefore, poor people are compelled to sell the organ in order to earn some money to feed their families or pay off their expense. In order to stop this, federal and provincial governments must take strict actions against the culprits and end this illegal trade of organs.
Tehreem Soomro,

Murder of Indian journalist
Recently a female journalist in India was brutally murdered outside her home in Bangalore. As per reports, she was shot by Hindu fundamentalists, who were against her work for the minorities and oppressed communities in India. Gauri Lankesh had been receiving death threats from extremist elements ever since Narendra Modi’s right wing government had been elected to rule the country. In large cities and small towns throughout India, people have been protesting against the brutal murder. Lankesh was thought to be a brave woman who believed in fighting for the rights of marginalised communities, especially Dalit victims like her sons, and always stood up against injustice and corrupt politics despite threats to her life. It is not just India where such atrocities take place, in fact, Pakistan too, has numerous examples of innocent people being killed for merely speaking up for their rights and of those oppressed. We must condemn the killing of this courageous lady.
Arshad Hussain,