Khawaja Akmal – Why Don’t We Realise…

Just watch his face. Did he look like a comedian? No, in fact, his grim face told you, he was a deadly serious actor. His intense expression showed you he was made for villainy. He had all the leanings towards central character roles, like Zahoor Ahmed, or Intezar Hussain. Yet, he was mostly seen in comic roles. Background laughter tried to make him funny. His facial expression was thoughtful or negative, but, they insisted he would fit well in comedy. He played a funny father in Bulbulay. Similarly, in Rasgullay and Batashay, it was the same story. Maybe, Khawaja Akmal’s rozee rotee was managed better through such comedy serials. Maybe, today, in a globalised world, that is the best you achieve. But the reality is that we wasted him, the way we have wasted many others. If he had found his worth, maybe he could have lived longer.