Bilal Abbas Is Learning Fast

Can’t believe he is the same guy, who gave me sar dard with his cheekh pukar in Saya-e-Deewar Bhi Nahi. His was a very mature job this time in O Rangreza. In fact, he has acted as well as Sajal Aly, in chunks. What more can I say. If there is an artiste, who has even left Naumaan Ijaz behind, it is Sajal. She has improved out of sight in this one. So, if Bilal has paced her in some scenes, it’s real credit to him.

Bilal hasn’t had too many serials uptil now, so such quick evolution would surprise many. Undoubtedly, Kashif Nisar the director of the drama must get big credit for some great work. In my opinion, he should try his hand at cinema, soon. But, who is this Saji Gul, the writer? No young, impressionable pen-pusher, I assure you, though that scene, where Naumaan and Sana partake from supposed poison glasses totally fizzled out later. Nothing intense came of it! With all the early rainbow hues to Bilal’s palette, he can go far. His delivery in this serial has been pin-perfect and his expressions are all class A. He doesn’t overact or over-react either; but, he should watch his step as things get out of hand very fast, in our surfeit of drama.