The much-awaited wedding season is almost here, so all you brides-to-be, it is time you plan out those long trips to the market to pick out the perfect wedding dress. Don’t worry though, times have changed which means you don’t necessarily have to opt for the traditional red bridal look and can experiment with a number of other hues. Icy and metallic shades are making a regular appearance everywhere, making them an excellent choice for this wedding season. This guide will walk you through the many ways you can wear metallics on your big day. 

Pair it with pastels

Pastel colours play well with silver and gold shades and give dresses a modern feel, allowing you to appear effortlessly chic on your special day. This is a good option for women who want to opt for a softer look. The icy shades make do for a glamorous reception dress or a stunning formal wear that can also be worn on other occasions. Pair it up with a glamorous pair of glittery heels, keeping make-up to a minimal.

Go head-to-toe

Play it safe by going for a solid metallic look from head-to-toe. Pair your dress up with accessories in striking colours, such as emeralds, to make your outfit stand out. Depending on the occasion, opt for pieces with intricate design to make a solid appearance.

Bold is better

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours. Make a bold choice with regal shades such as royal blue or shocking pink to add an extra oomph to your outfit. Take the look up a notch by experimenting with bold cuts that will flatter your body type or opt for a more traditional design, depending on your personal choice.

Metallic embroidery

Metallic embroidery paired on a greyish fabric can help create the ultimate fairytale look. Opt for fabrics in colours such as cream, shades of grey and light pink to ensure that the embroidery stands out.

Keep it classy

Contrary to popular belief, there is always room for black and white in a wedding. These timeless colours possess an aura of elegance that goes well with practically any occasion. For blacks, play with golden borders and detailed work on the bodice. White generally goes well with silver and pearls creating a more delicate look.