Know how to accessorise

If your outfit includes fully-embellished velvet jackets or detailed embroidery, tone down the accessories. On the other hand, if your dress could actually use the extra boost, opt for glittery accessories in gold and silver to accentuate your overall look. You can also use the opportunity to rock the classic matha patti or other timeless pieces of jewellery.

Focus on your body type

Opt for flattering cuts to match your body type. Girls with an hourglass figure can add a belt to accentuate their waist. Adding flares and adjusting the length of the dress is another trick to make the outfit more appealing for your body type. Also, don’t forget about the lowers. You can go for gharara pants or a lehenga depending on your personal choice.

Fitting is important

Last-minute fitting sessions are never fun. Try out your dress a few days before the occasion, so that you have time to make finishing touches as required. The dress should complement your physique and must appear like it has been made only for you.

Keep your personal style in check

Feel free to incorporate ornamental motifs or embellished hemlines in your personal style to add an extra touch of exuberance to your wardrobe. Fashion is all about expressing yourself, so make sure the outfit reflects your personal style. At the same time, ensure the dress is fit for the occasion since you don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons.