Buckle up!

If you have been undermining the importance of choosing the right belt then you have definitely been attempting a fashion felony! Belts are staple wardrobe accessories that not only hold your trousers in place but complete your entire look. From dressy to casual, if styled correctly, belts have the ability to create an extra oomph in your outfit, not to mention, it is a sneaky way to add more colour to your otherwise monochrome wardrobe. Here are a few staple options every man should include in his wardrobe:

Black leather belt

The classic black leather belt should find home in every man’s closet, owing to its versatility. The staple piece goes practically with every outfit, unless you would rather opt for its brown counterpart. A black leather belt is a safe option for men who don’t have much when it comes to dressing up in the morning, making it worth the investment since it pairs well with almost every colour. Additionally, black adds a nice, formal touch if you are headed out for the night. It also pairs well with traditional formalwear, such as tuxedos.

Casual belt

Casual belts are a better fit for Sunday brunches or days you want to bring some personality to your outfit. Pairing a casual belt with your blue jeans or trousers is a quick way to smarten up your look. When shopping for this kind, select belts in softer tones that won’t look too harsh against the trousers. You can also opt for a more rustic shade or a belt with a pattern. Casual belts are typically wider than formal ones, so do not be afraid to experiment with different looks.

Slim belt

Slim belts, that measure just under an inch, are becoming more fashion forward as the days go by. These belts are an exceptionally good option if you are dressing up for a summer wedding or any other formal event, where you would want to shine. Slim belts pair well with polo shirts and chinos or linen suits.

Brown leather belt

Though more aesthetically appealing compared to its black counterpart, brown belts can be difficult to style. Opt for the correct shade of brown that will match your wardrobe. Generally, dark grey, blue and brown trousers pair well with brown leather belts. Brown belts go well with formal shoes but can also be worn on laid back occasions, if you would rather experiment with colour.

Woven belt

Woven belts are another wardrobe essential you should include to your list. Though difficult to style, these belts pair well with casual outfits and can be paired with a variety of colours. However, since these belts are textured, keep the material and the colour fairly light to prevent your outfit from looking too showy.

Novelty belt

Add a pop of colour to your wardrobe by purchasing a novelty belt you can wear at fun occasions. Whether it is coloured, beaded or studded, novelty belts help you stand out of the crowd for all the good reasons. If you are not too keen on experimenting with colour, try out different styles that will look great with your trousers. Who knows, this belt may become one of your signature pieces.