While it is certainly not rocket science, styling your belt with your shoes can seem like a challenging task. Here are a couple of factors you need to keep in mind:

Pay attention to the texture

When you are focusing on the right colour, it is easy to forget about textures. Depending on the material, belts can appear matte, glossy or woven. Pay attention to small details because they will all contribute to your final look.

Match with accessories

For extra measure, style your belt buckle with accessories such as your watch, tie clip or even your cufflinks. However, don’t go overboard with accessories if you want your outfit to do the talking. Styling your belt with your shoes is another way to look dapper.

Pick one statement

For a more casual day out, pick one statement, so it is either your belt or your shoes that is the centre of your look. Your belt will standout if your shoes blend with your pants. Hence, know where you want to direct attention.

Skip the belt when you suit-up

Suits are supposed to be perfectly tailored to your body, so whenever possible, skip the belt when you are wearing a suit. You can always have the belt loops removed from your trousers.