Letters To The Editor

“Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.”
– Bruce Lee  

More tech pieces!

I love reading about the latest developments in the world of technology on the internet. Unfortunately, not many magazines and newspapers focus on tech pieces. Our tech industry is beginning to thrive, not to mention, several youngsters have started their own tech blogs. Including such pieces would encourage budding tech enthusiasts to take a step further and come up with new ideas. As a nation, we should work hard and motivate our students to spend more time reading constructive articles rather than spending all of their time on social media websites.

Another way to increase interest among students would be to include more practical work in their course rather than just focusing on theory. It has been years since our government text books have been revised. This is indeed a pity as our children are being deprived of the latest knowledge regarding what is happening around the world.

Asif Ahmed,

Street food vendors must not crowd schools

As a mother, I am very strict about my child’s diet and nutrition, which is why I do not understand why street food vendors are allowed to crowd in front of schools. It is understood that these people are trying to make a living but it’s worth noting that the foods they sell are not only unhealthy but are cooked whilst neglecting hygiene. In my humble opinion, schools should keep a watchful eye on these hawkers to protect the health of their students.

Additionally, schools should introduce healthier options in their canteen menu rather than the traditional samosas and French fries drenched in oil. Obesity is a serious health problem which should not be taken lightly. While there are schools that encourage students to bring home-cooked lunches, many are yet to introduce rules to promote healthy eating and take the matter more seriously.

Anamta Khan,

Deteriorating condition of roads

The condition of roads is increasingly deteriorating in Karachi. Furthermore, the streets are covered in heaps of garbage whereas many roads are also overflowing with sewerage water because of broken or choked up sewerage lines. What’s more upsetting is that residents can still be found throwing litter and discarding garbage bags on the roads or in front of their houses. It’s time that we take ownership of our city and take steps to ensure its cleanliness.

If the government is not fulfilling its responsibility, we as citizens should do something about the situation and take matters into our own hands instead. If the condition continues to worsen, the concerned authorities should start giving out fines to people littering the streets. Trash cans and signs should be set up on the roads. Schools and educational institutes must also encourage its students to stop polluting their neighbourhood and set up cleaning drives in various areas of the city. In fact, parents should also be made part of such programmes for greater impact.

Aisha Ahmed,

Students must utilise their winter break productively

As a teacher, I find it upsetting how students usually spend their winter break surfing internet or by merely wasting time on their cell phones. Most students use the last few days to complete their school homework or projects so the rest of the holidays are spent on trivial activities. As an educator, I understand the importance of relaxation but parents must also ensure that their children take part in extracurricular activities or take up a new hobby during these holidays. This will not only help students learn a new skill but it will also enable them to secure better jobs in future.

The first step towards improvement would be to set a proper routine for your child. If your kids are old enough, they can set up a timetable for themselves. This will ensure that their time is spent productively.

Sanam Khwajah,