The Corridor of Certainty

First person

The book is an autobiography of the legendary cricketer, Geoffrey Boycott, who by his own admission changed with time. On the evidence of this book, there are three prime causes of the change – marriage, fatherhood, and a horrible disease. The book is neither entirely a cricket book nor an autobiography, for Boycott has already done that by publishing his first memoir in 1987, which was focused entirely on his route into top-flight cricket and the highs and lows once he got there. Here, the readers have a much more rounded and nuanced book, full of self-awareness and a willingness, even eagerness, to acknowledge errors, failings and regrets. Boycott speaks about the discovery of cancer in August 2002, along with the gruelling route to recovery. It is impossible not to be touched by the honesty and detail in the legend’s life, as well as his acknowledgement of and gratitude to the people both, in professional and personal life, who supported him through the process. The autobiography is structured in a way that allows Boycott to discuss matters both, historical and contemporary, that interest or bother him.