Facebook launches child-friendly Messenger Kids


To aid parents, Facebook has recently launched a kid’s friendly messaging app for children ranging from six to 12 years of age called Messenger Kids. Since Facebook does not allow children younger than 13 to sign up, this new version of messenger does not require kids to have a Facebook account to use the app. What’s best is that parents can monitor their child’s activity and have access to their contact list.

Firefox to soon inform users about hacked websites

Mozilla is gearing up to introduce a new feature that will notify users prior opening a hacked website. The web browser will check data with ‘Have I been pwned?’, a popular website that keeps track of hacked web pages on the internet. The Chief Executive Officer of the website, Troy Hunt recently confirmed this development via Twitter. With this, Mozilla hopes to make the internet a safer place by providing users transparent access to websites. While this might be a notable improvement, it is certainly a step forward that might help Mozilla stand headfast with its major competitors in the market.

Play Store bans apps that show ads on lock screen

Mobile developers ought to take notice here because Google Play Store has started to ban apps that sneakily display ads on your device’s lock screen. Google took this initiative to prevent developers from tricking users into clicking ads. The shady practice has been an ongoing issue and many users are happy that it has been resolved. While some clicks can be harmless, others can lead to exploitation of data or direct users into phishing websites that extract personal information.