Irrfan Khan goes to Sundance once again

The Hindi Medium star is all set to go to Hollywood coming new year. Irrfan Khan’s upcoming film Puzzle, starring Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald (of Intermission and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows fame), is ready for a world premiere at the international Sundance Film Festival in January. "When I had read the script I knew there was something really unusual and beautiful about the story and its characters," the excited actor said.

"It is about a suburban mother called Agnes who discovers a passion for jigsaw puzzles and how it introduces her to a new world. I am playing the new world," he shared with a smile. This is the second time Irrfan will be making an appearance at Sundance after Ritesh Batra's The Lunchbox in 2014.

"The best thing to do at the fest is to go with the flow and enjoy the accolades. The Lunchbox was loved by everyone, now I want to see what Puzzle unravels for all of us," he added. Irrfan also said that he wanted to break away from the studio films he had been doing. "I am glad I took this chance. As an actor, Hollywood is a luxury. It gives me the exposure and advantage of getting to immerse myself in characters and films that are global."