The Tale of Christine Keeler & Ayub Khan

They called Yahya Khan, ‘Yeah Yeah Can!’ He was known for his sleazy shenanigans; his pool parties were famous for film girls and foreign girls in swim suits… that is nothing new. But, when the famous supermodel of yesteryears, Christine Keeler died recently, some famous British tabloids printed the torrid days of pool parties that showed Field Marshal Ayub Khan in a very different light! Christine Keeler was involved in a scandal in the early 60s that led to the suicide of a Dr Ward. When Ayub Khan was in London, the tabloids reported then, he would visit as a guest at the imposing estate of Cliveden in Buckinghamshire. What was his purpose there? Well, the man loved to swim in the pool at Buckinghamshire. That is not odd, you would say. Well, it was here, the tabloids point out, that the handsome president met the frolicsome Christine Keeler! Of course, the general was in prominent company. He had been joined in by the British politician, John Profumo. It was conjectured that Ayub also swam with a girl, Mandy Rice-Davies, much younger to him. Well, you cannot grudge him that. Age is no barrier.