The Dedicated Zeba Bakhtiar

Sustained effort is the hallmark of all good creators. Despite the different troubles she has faced throughout her life and career, Zeba Bakhtiar continues to make efforts to create art for the big screen. Her work shows that she is not lacking in skill, though her dedication is slowly gathering knowledge for future projects. It was unfortunate that Zeba had to switch directors in the middle of her venture called O21. First, it was being helmed by an Australian chap, Summer Nicks. When his visa expired, he had to leave middle stream. That was very unprofessional, but in these days of globalisation, you cannot say what kinds of pressures there must have been on the makers. So, Jami took over. I do not know what happened in between, but I read Aamina Sheikh’s interview, and she said when we were done, the whole story and making had been changed with lots of shots being deducted. In parts, Jami looked like a good director, though the whole had some vital shortcomings. So, Zeba just got caught in an unavoidable situation. Before that, of course, she made Babu, with Saud in the lead, which wasn’t bad, but, once again, she had problems with her lieutenants, who weren’t sincere. Now, she has announced a new movie, and is busy in paperwork. I’d say: Atta girl! Don’t ever cease struggle, instead, lead on.