Shaan Left The Bow Twanging

Arrows sped through the immediate air, as top integer of Lollywood, Shaan Shahid unloaded the barrage of bold statements in a breakfast-time show on Geo Pakistan. Talking candidly about his career, and his latest direction, Arth 2, he held the attention of the audience with some exciting observations. Huma Amir Shah and Abdullah Sultan host the lively show, and by gosh, Shaan gave them some masala tid bits. “You can see the equation. I have acted in only two ISPR movies, Waar and Yalghar! What other film can you name where I was approached for a role? It’s the same Karachi and Lahore divide,” he reasoned. Later, Shaan pointed out that Shoaib Mansoor’s Verna has “flopped, yet he didn’t get as much flak as Syed Noor got.” Umm… no, there you are wrong, because the local papers have criticised Verna quite khul ke! Shaan told us that his film has no sponsors, and he made it with his own resources. “If the new film-makers are highly funded, then they should go for a wide field. But, they are limited to a typical cast, and certain writers. They are not approaching anybody outside these limits. Spread the map, go to other areas. Be all-Pakistan makers,” he said tersely. Shaan said, his message in his movie is that “Women should not depend on others for their rights. They should struggle to become independent, and that’s the only way to break the barriers!”