ROCK A Kurta Style the underrated fashion staple right

While suits and tuxedos are likely to be your first choice for formal events, there is another underrated piece in your closet waiting to be used. Fit for weddings, casual dinners and perhaps even red carpets at fashion and entertainment events, the kurta is a clean and versatile piece, and has the potential to create a dapper look that is bound to turn heads. Our detailed guide will walk you through many ways you can rock this menswear staple for different occasions:

Keep it casual

There is nothing wrong with playing the kurta casual with a fitted pair of jeans. You can take the look to a whole new, edgy level by adding a Nehru jacket or waistcoat in the equation. A pocket square and a pair of cool shades won’t do you harm either. Knowing how to layer your key pieces is your formula to success here. For greater impact, match your shoes with your waistcoat, as this will create a more cohesive look.

Experiment with patterns

Most men steer away from patterns regardless of the kind of apparel they are going for. However, if you are ready to get out of your comfort zone, patterned kurta is a good way to start. To break the monotony, fasten a waistcoat of a solid colour. Keep accessories to a minimal, since there is already a lot going on visually with the kurta. This look is perfect for festive occasions, while for casual events, you can skip the waistcoat.

Drape it right

If you don’t want to fuss with outerwear, use a fancy shawl to battle the cold. Apart from keeping you warm, this timeless piece will spruce up your overall look, adding a touch of elegance to it. However, make sure the colour or pattern of the shawl does not clash with your main ensemble. The best way to go about it is to drape a shawl that contrasts well with your kurta, and the same rule must be opted for stoles and other accessories. You can either throw the shawl around your shoulders or wrap it around in a classic U-shape.

Test the colour wheel

Sometimes the secret to looking effortlessly stylish is to add more colour to your otherwise mundane wardrobe. Play with bright hues and perhaps throw on a dramatic stole to give off an edgy vibe. This trendy outfit is fit for mehndi and other traditional functions. To create a greater style impact, opt for a nice electric blue or an emerald green stole. If you are headed somewhere less festive, opt for subtle colours such as lilac or baby blue, instead. 

Go regal

If you are someone who is gearing up for the wedding season, pay attention. For a look that is fit for a groom, throw on a designer waistcoat and a traditional pair of sandals or strapped leather slippers. Proper fitting is the key to success with this style and baggy kurtas are an absolute no-no. Opt for deep red hues or other jewel tones for a regal touch. Embroidered or printed waistcoats with fancy buttons are a good way to go.

Back to basics

The classic kurta-shalwar or kurta-pjyama is the epitome of eastern menswear. This combo is such a hit that you can hardly ever go wrong with the look. Suitable for practically any occasion, ensure your closet includes a plain, cream embroidered kurta that you can pair with traditional shoes. Keep the lowers in a similar shade or opt for contrasting colours to make your look more interesting. For an effortlessly stylish silhouette, pair the ensemble in black and white.