Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story

First person

In his trademark larger-than-life style, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall is a revealing self-portrait of his celebrated, contentious, and truly exclusive life. His is the greatest immigrant success story of our time. It is unique, and exceptionally entertaining, and he pens it down brilliantly throughout the pages. Arnold, the son of an austere police chief, was born in a year of famine, in a small Austrian town. He dreamt to move to America and become a bodybuilding champion, as well as a movie star. By the age of 21, young Arnold was living in Los Angeles and got crowned to be Mr Universe. Within five years, he learnt English and became the greatest bodybuilder in the world and in 10 years’ time, Arnold graduated and was a millionaire from his business enterprises in the real estate, landscaping, and bodybuilding. He also won a Golden Globe Award for his debut as a dramatic actor in Stay Hungry. He later went on to become the world’s biggest movie star, the husband of Maria Shriver, and an emerging Republican leader who was part of the Kennedy family. Known as the Austrian Oak by his fellow bodybuilders, Arnold succeeded to become the elected governor of California. Thus, this book is comprised of a prolific life story told by the man himself.