The game, Rumu, brings a fresh and heart-wrenching viewpoint to a well-trodden thematic ground. The player plays as Rumu, a tiny vacuum-cleaning robot that is as cute as it is curious. The robot’s one and only duty is to clean the futuristic residence of its owners, David and Cecily. The owners are nowhere to be found but AI, Sabrina – an all-seeing sentient house – promises that they will be home soon. In the meantime, the only thing left to do is to clean and explore. Aided by Sabrina, as well as an eclectic mix of semi-intelligent home appliances and a house cat named Ada, everything starts off innocently enough. As Rumu partakes in chores, cleans up spilled tea and dropped toast, he slowly begins to grow self-aware. What starts off as a cute, whimsical adventure soon gives way to a stimulating sci-fi tale.