Would you watch this chick-flick?

Sonakshi Sinha will be seen with Diana Penty in Happy Bhaag Jayegi Returns. Talking about the equation with her co-stars, Sonakshi said, "How do you make equations like that all the time? So many times there have been actors whom I didn't know or had an equation with when I worked with them for the first time. Akshaye Khanna, for instance. Why should it be any different for a heroine? I have not worked with Jacqueline (Fernandez) before but I meet her at parties and we get along really well. I am someone who gets along with everyone. So I need to find someone who I'm not okay with first to decide on this."

When asked who would she prefer with her in a chick-flick film, Sonakshi said, "Jacqueline for sure. We get along like a house on fire and she's too funny. And obviously, Alia (Bhatt) because I adore her."

On signing a two-heroine film, and being an A-list actress, the Dabangg star quipped, "That's again their prerogative. A film should be made not based on who is in it or who's doing a special appearance. If you're making it for a character and to project that character in a certain way, then do it for that. In the end, you need to be true to yourself. It should be seamless. We should have that much confidence in ourselves, the script and the content that we will be able to do without that."