Music legend AR Rahman has composed and sung songs in different genres and languages. Explaining his views on music, he shared, "As a human being, I have seen many things in my life, but I feel the only healing thing in life is love. Love could be romantic, divine, compassionate or kind, but that comes in the choice of ragas or notes. It could become love songs, bhajans, qawwalis or anything... like Khwaja Mere Khwaja, if you put different lyrics, it will be a love song. The Bombay (1995) theme was inspired by the riots. I always feel blessed that as an artiste you can do that. You can take something very raw and uninspiring, and do a completely contrasting thing to it, expressing it in a more poetic and beautiful way."

The oscar-winning composer also talked about how he gets into a particular zone of genre, "There's a lot of contribution from lyrics, too. Sometimes you are just doing the tune, which could be anything, but then the lyrics actually fill the whole void and make it complete. And I used to wonder, these are very similar tunes, then why did this tune become [a] hit and that one did not? It's also the way the filmmakers respect it, and the lyricists write on it... all these matter a lot. Sometimes good work gets unnoticed because it's given to the wrong people."