Shahid dotes on wife Mira

Shahid and Mira Kapoor are rather vocal about their love for each other. Recently the actor opened up some more. "She has changed my life completely. She has turned me into a domestic animal. Earlier, I used to be a wild animal running around in open fields. Now I am leading a disciplined life – there's a definite time to eat, sleep and work," the doting husband shared about the changes his life has undergone since marriage.

When asked what he loves about Mira, Shahid said, "That she gave me Misha. Also, she's a balanced personality, her intent is always positive. She wants to do good for all and thinks from everyone's point of view. It's nice when someone gives you a refreshing perspective. In many ways, she's more mature than I am,” and futher said, “When we were having Misha, she was in hospital for three-and a-half-months. She couldn't get off the bed. She couldn't sit up. She had to just lie straight because of some complications. Not many would’ve been able to endure that. She's so strong."