Fried foods responsible for change in weather

  • 23 Dec - 29 Dec, 2017
  • Mag The Weekly
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According to a research, published in the journal Nature Communications, fried fatty foods do not only have an impact on one’s waistlines, they also tend to affect the weather systems, for they have a significant impact on cloud formation and rainy weather.

The chemistry departments at Universities of Reading, Bristol and Bath have discovered that when droplets of cooking fat are released into the atmosphere, they tend to form complex structures that attract moisture and form into clouds. In mega cities such as London, cooking fat is known to be responsible for approximately 10 per cent of small particles in the air, so these researchers believe frying food could have a noticeable impact on cloud formation and rainy weather. Actually, the impact is so much that it could even have a cooling effect on the planet, and potentially slow down the issue of global warming.

Dr Christian Pfrang, Associate Professor of Physical and Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of Reading said, “I think it could be having an impact on cloud formation. It is likely that these structures have a significant effect on water uptake of droplets in the atmosphere, increase lifetimes of reactive molecules and generally slow down transport inside these droplets with yet unexplored consequences.