Red is the colour of power and love. The colour automatically makes you more attractive for the opposite gender. However, men usually avoid donning red because it can be tricky to pull off, and many don’t want something too eye-catching. With red having so many different shades and variations, some will naturally suit you better than others, so the key is to pick the right shade. There is no limit to the items you can own in shades of red. Here’s how you can introduce a little red in your life.

Red pants
Take street style as your inspiration and opt for a pair of slim-fit red pants. The trick is to buy a pair with a decent cut so they are not too baggy or too skinny. Keep it simple; a neutral colour palette for complimentary pieces will work out best. Keeping it casual is probably one of the easiest and quickest ways to pull off red trousers. You want to look effortless? Then go for all out casual look. Combine with a casual shirt, preferably in block colour rather than patterned, with a casual jacket on top. A denim jacket will add an effortless contrast to the red trousers and add a perfect look to your outfit perfectly. Adding a blazer to your red trouser outfit will give it a much smarter look. You can pair red trousers well with blues, both light and navy’s.

Red tie
This versatile piece is a must-have for every grown man. Unless you are looking for a bold look that makes you the centre of attention, stay away from bright red neckties. Red ties look nice with navy, grey, and charcoal suits. If you are looking for a bright and lively tie colour, but don’t want the bold look (of the bright red tie), then your best bet is the burgundy tie. A simple rule when using bold colours for accessories is to avoid smooth, shiny fabrics and choosing fabrics with texture to add dimension to louder colours.

Red blazer
A blazer can look really good in the right shades of red. Wear brighter red in the summer months for casual occasions or choose a subdued burgundy for winter and more formal events. Burgundy is a very stylish choice for a formal occasion where you’ll mostly find black, navy and grey. The great thing about this colour is that it makes a statement without actually sticking out. Wear with a white shirt to contrast the burgundy or with black and grey for a slick look. Tone the brightness of the red down by pairing your jacket with a neutral coloured shirt such as light blue or grey. You can opt for navy trousers or dark blue jeans depending on the casualness of the occasion. You could always go for a patterned type to break down the intensity. Avoid shiny materials of the type found in sportswear stores; they may be fine to wear to the gym, but not anywhere else.

Red Shoes
Red shoes are in many ways a statement piece and this can make them an ideal piece to incorporate into your wardrobe when you are looking for something to spruce up your outfit. Despite the fact that red shoes are a little tricky to pair, they are a versatile part of your wardrobe, and you can go for both a formal and casual look with this bold colour. Wearing monochromatic colours is a good place to start when thinking of outfits with red shoes. Black and white are a safe option for a red pair as they will more or less go with any colour. A darker toned red will merge into a more formal look and will give a touch of interest without being too overpowering. For a formal look keep the colours of the outfit in a darker tone to achieve a more subtle, classic vibe. For a more casual look, opt for dark-coloured chinos and a plain tee to let your shoes do the talking.

Red Kurta
If you like to don a desi look, opt for a red kurta. You can experiment with different shades; choose the one that best suits your skin tone and the one that is suitable for the occasion. A plain kurta in any shade of red makes a perfect pick for the wedding season. Pair it with a white pyjama and sandals and you are ready for a mehndi night, or you can pair it with your favourite jeans for a casual day. You can even opt for a more formal kurta that has some embroidery on the neckline for a more traditional look or go for a short kurti in this eye-catching colour.

Red flannel shirt
Finding a plain red flannel shirt can be a tricky task. The best thing about these shirts is that they are extremely comfortable and are essential for creating an effortlessly cool style. A red and black flannel shirt is a timeless fashion staple that you can sport anytime of the day. Pair it with a grey or black plain T-shirt, as the checked pattern will be the main focus. Put on your favourite skinny jeans and trainers and you are ready to go.