Kid earns $11 million on YouTube by reviewing toys


A six-year old has become a multi-millionaire by reviewing toys on YouTube. The child named Ryan has had his own YouTube channel since he was three years old. He has a whopping 10 million subscribers and has managed to earn about $11 million in a year’s time. He has also been listed as among the highest paid entrepreneurs on YouTube, ranking eighth on the list. Apparently, the reason behind Ryan’s success is that he is able to develop a deep meaningful relationship with his subscribers, whilst reviewing toys. His parents or friends sometimes make an appearance in the videos. The YouTube channel has also helped Ryan make a large number of friends all around the world.

Bitcoin may hit $40,000 by next year

The crypto currency trend has made major headlines all around the world and for good reason. According to financial experts, Bitcoin can easily hit $40,000 by the end of next year. This comes as no surprise as Ethereum, the second most popular crypto currency has hit $500. The influx of new money has done surprisingly well in the past year. However, investors are advised to adopt a fulsome strategy and not invest more than 10 per cent of the coin’s net worth.

Initiating a Tweetstorm will now become easier

On its road to becoming a full fledged blogging platform, Twitter is about to introduce a new feature that’ll make it easier to send multiple tweets. The new feature that is expected to roll out soon will feature a ‘+’ button on the menu. This will allow folks to compose a series of multiple tweets almost as easily as creating a single tweet. According to Twitter, the update is meant to improve user experience by making Twitter threads more approachable. This is another welcomed update after Twitter increased its rigid 140-character count this year.

Stranger Things’ VR experience now available on PlayStation

Better late than never. PlayStation has released its Stranger Things’ VR experience which is now available for free. However, the new game is based on the events of Season 1. Apart from this, fans are bound to love exploring the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. The game is quite similar to the show’s Snapchat and Netflix’s AR experience that was dropped when Season 2 premiered. In the game, users can explore the Byers’ house which includes alphabet scrawling and Christmas lights as the main highlight.